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Welcome to Curry Recipes Online.

Welcome to the biggest curry recipes related discussion on the net today. Come on in to learn about indian restaurant style curry recipes, we have it all from secret curry sauce recipes to indian restaurant reviews. You can learn everything about curry recipes and indian takeaway cooking here.

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April 20, 2014, 06:36:28 PM by Garp
Views: 59 | Comments: 2

Unfortunately, all you can really see are some mussels. I was in such a rush to eat, I didn't want to faff about making it look pretty.  :)

Something different though, and quite tasty - I'd do it differently next time.

April 10, 2014, 10:02:43 PM by jb | Views: 349 | Comments: 9

I had my tandoor oven out today,I've been meaning to try Chris' new naan bread recipe for ages.I made some naans as well as some chicken tikka and sheek kebabs.

plain naan.....

balti chilli keema naan...

Inside of a keema naan...

peshwari,plain and balti chilli keema

chicken tikka...

The tikka was,as always top-notch,in fact better than most of the bland stuff I seem to get from most places these days.The naans were excellent,I have to say Chris' recipe was spot on.Tastewise the naans were definetely BIR,and they also had the right consistency,you could fold them in two without them breaking.In fact they were pretty much identical to the standard of naans I already had,using Pacman Pete's old recipe.That too came from a T/A so it's not suprising that the recipe's good.I thnk the key is the resting of the dough.At last I've got the knack Of putting the filling in the bread and rolling it without the contents spilling out!!

The restaurant charcoal seemed to keep hot all day,although for some reason I still get some soot around my tandoor when it's hot.I don't know why,could it be the firelighters I'm using...any ideas??

I'm afraid the sheek kebabs were a complete and utter disaster!!! The mix itself was spot on in taste(I used the same mix for the keema naans).However I realised the mix was wet,and you guessed it as soon as I put it in the tandoor the meat began to fall is what I had left!!

As you can see an utter disaster!!!  I know a few people have had this problem so any thoughts on where I went wrong would be most welcome.The keema mix contained onion and I left it overnight in the fridge so I guess the moisture came from this.I did add some gram flour to it but it still went wrong.I still have some naan dough left,I'm going to cook them on my tawa tomorrow and see how they go.

Bengali Bob
April 10, 2014, 09:19:37 AM by Bengali Bob
Views: 125 | Comments: 0

Lal Murgi r Jhol (Red chicken curry)

On the bubble.  No spuds but upped the chicken to 1 kg. Reduced the cumin in the recipe by (about) half.  Increased to 1 tbsp garlic paste and 1 tbsp ginger paste. Lots more Kashmiri chilli powder and more oil. Later added a few tbsps of yoghurt, as I think it gives a nice finish to trad chicken curries.   

Nice curry to have with plain rice.

Large bowl of leftovers.  3-4 servings. Happy days!

Rob  :)
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