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Welcome to Curry Recipes Online.

Welcome to the biggest curry recipes related discussion on the net today. Come on in to learn about indian restaurant style curry recipes, we have it all from secret curry sauce recipes to indian restaurant reviews. You can learn everything about curry recipes and indian takeaway cooking here.

This forum will help you learn how to cook curry just like a real British Indian Restaurant. We have been Online Since 2004 and have hundreds of genuine British Indian Restaurant recipes from real restaurants and chefs. We have thousands of like-minded members creating curry with passion, along with all the great recipes you can browse Pictures and Videos of all your favourite curries.

If you want to cook curry just like the Indian takeaway, join up now, its free and always will be... This forum is all about creating your favourite curries just like you would get from an Indian takeaway.

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Today at 12:50:28 AM by chewytikka
Views: 31 | Comments: 0

Pan fried some large Lamb chops the other day
Munching away at the first one, decided some hot sauce would go down well

so I went for some of my usual Vindaloo.
Made a Vindaloo - Dip, for the rest of the chops. Lush, a great treat.

Heat Pan
Heat vegetable Ghee or Oil  3tbs
Add 1 tbs Garlic Ginger Paste
Bhun/Saute and cook out the rawness 1min

Add in quick succession
3 tbs of Tomato Puree dilute (Passata consistency)
1 htsp Mix Powder
2 tbs of Hot Chilli Powder (Make this by grinding a cheap packet of tiny Red Birdseye chillis)
1 tsp (level) Black Pepper Powder
1 tbs White Wine Vinegar
Bhun/Saute and form the masala 2mins (make sure you cook this well)
Add 1 tbs Minced Green Chilli Paste and combine
Add one portion of thin base gravy / Garabi and give a really good mix, deglaze and combine.
Put a lid on and crank the heat up to the highest and blast for 3-4mins.

Served as a hot sauce or dip.

Vindaloo - Sauce - Dip

cheers Chewy
Adding chops to a curry is too messy, done this way works much better. ;D
March 26, 2015, 11:34:19 PM by tehmeh | Views: 261 | Comments: 4

Hey all, this is my first post and I plan to keep this thread updated with my BIR curry attempts.
I've just discovered this forum by chance, and what a great amount of resources and passion!

I grew up on BIR and have developed a huge taste for it, and I've gone all over Europe tasting hundreds of curryhouses.. eventually travelling up and down India to sample everything from street food and home cooking to 5 star restaurants - even taking cookery classes there!
Anyway, I have never been happy with any kind of recipes I found in books or online, but this place looked just the ticket, so I'm approaching the information here with a complete beginner's mind.

Here's my first attempt using the recipes on here.. Taz's base with this passanda recipe, made in bulk by 10x and a few modifications (no sultanas!) and served with this simple pulao rice. :)

Preparing the breasts (marinaded for 3 days in the fridge)

Making the base! This was really fun, I picked up a nice immersion blender and this really made things easier. Still gave the onions a good chop before just in case.  There's a huge amount of this base leftover, which is wonderful :).

Cooking the passanda - I made the recipe a little more creamier, more savoury than the one in the link, but it was very good. I used much more of the marinade in the end which turned it more yellow then I'd have liked though.

The final result. Amazing amazing taste. Thanks so much to the guys here for all the info.

Next up I'm reading the Bruce Edwards pdfs, and going to attempt some more dishes soon :D
Thanks for looking.
March 26, 2015, 09:44:20 PM by SoberRat
Views: 449 | Comments: 14

Here are some photos of my dinner tonight. Chicken tikka dhansak with pilau rice. Very nice indeed. The Mrs had her usual Korma, but she'd eaten it before I could take a picture.
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