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Welcome to Curry Recipes Online.

Welcome to the biggest curry recipes related discussion on the net today. Come on in to learn about indian restaurant style curry recipes, we have it all from secret curry sauce recipes to indian restaurant reviews. You can learn everything about curry recipes and indian takeaway cooking here.

This forum will help you learn how to cook curry just like a real British Indian Restaurant. We have been Online Since 2004 and have hundreds of genuine British Indian Restaurant recipes from real restaurants and chefs. We have thousands of like-minded members creating curry with passion, along with all the great recipes you can browse Pictures and Videos of all your favourite curries.

If you want to cook curry just like the Indian takeaway, join up now, its free and always will be... This forum is all about creating your favourite curries just like you would get from an Indian takeaway.

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October 12, 2014, 07:00:28 PM by chewytikka
Views: 376 | Comments: 8

Midnight Snack 15
Big supper treat, Deshi Gosht, Saag Aloo with plenty of garlic and mustard oil and a fennel flavoured Pilau Rice.
Bought a couple of Lamb shoulder fillets, cut into 12 big bite pieces.

Gave it my PC precook, then curried it in medium to hot spiced sauce.
Along side a mild Fennel Pilau and a Garlic/Mustard Saag Aloo.

Complete and satisfying meal served on a modern restaurant platter (Ooh La La) ::)
Flavour guesswork combination, which really worked well on the eating. Nice :P

Very tasty cut of lamb ;)
cheers Chewy
October 11, 2014, 11:28:22 AM by Madrasandy
Views: 634 | Comments: 17

Jhalfrezi using 1/2 of each of a Carolina Reaper,Trinidad Scorpion, and a Red and green Bhut Jolokia!
It was very very tasty, not as hot as I thought it would be ,but then again will anything after eating the Reaper on its own prior to the curry. Plates were cleaned , nothing left at all , not even a little sample for today. ;)

Naan of Course !!!!
October 11, 2014, 07:06:38 AM by LouP
Views: 226 | Comments: 4

First base was Zaal to spec (maybe slightly over spiced by my over zealous hands)and the second was Zaal to spec (correct spicing) and 20grams coconut cream and 1.5 cloves garlic tarka added.
new base at the top (slightly lighter)

I then made exact copies of Madras. Weighing everything exactly....
Original (first) base

New (second) base

Photos dont really do them justice(They look gloopy and they weren't)  they were both lovely and smooth. The new base produced a lighter fresher curry and I think I shall stick to that base (with the tweaks)as it hasn't changed it too much, just enough for me.
I did have an epiphany though as I made two curry sauces after.
I usually put my oil, then onion/chilli, then garlic/ginger but with one sauce I fried the chopped garlic in a mini frying pan, put this in the main pan and then did my usual routine and this made a MASSIVE difference. You could taste and smell a hint of nutty sweet garlic in the background and especially this morning when I have tasted it stone cold.
It is a flavour that was definitely in the Madras I ate at the local Indian restaurant last week.
I will be doing that again for sure.
So glad I have sauce left for today:)

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