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Author Topic: Littlechilie's Madras.  (Read 2120 times)

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Littlechilie's Madras.
« on: November 13, 2014, 08:33 PM »
Moved to proper section, thanks.


Madras, 1x chef sp oil needs to be hot,  garlic no ginger I use circles of garlic to a nutty brown,(edit) (one large tsp tom pure not watered down).

One heaped tsp mix powder, 2 heaped tsp chilli powder, little base but must be the oil from top of gravy to start then flame not to important, Pan won't flame if it's not hot  ;)

Add raw chicken then half  base, salt and a little water if to thick, cook till reduced and oil rise, add rest of base then cook on high till chicken cooked and right consistency.

little more water then Wooster sauce, lime or lemon, fenugreek and one tomato cut in to quarters, lid on till oil rises, sprinkle with desired graham masala for aroma and flavour then serve with a little fine methi leaf on top.

Use coriander if desired.

techniques take the longest to master, there is so many places to slip up from base to finished dish, when your curry cools and u lift the lid it should smell heavenly, if it's like a cold wet soup you need to retrace all your steps coz u slipped up along the chain ;D

My recipe is prob similar to many on this forum, this is the way I cook.



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