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Author Topic: Searching for the name or recipe from an unknown sauce/dip for Onion Bahji  (Read 715 times)

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Hi all,

Got a quick question.
I've eaten quite a lot of Onion Bahji's in restaurants overseas, and a lot of times I received a certain sauce/dip next to it and have yet to find the name of it or a recipe.

The liquid of the sauce is clear, oily like, not like yoghurt but really looking like clear yellowish oil.
Within it there where greenish leaves which I think was coriander or mint.
It's been about 2 years the last time I received it so my mind is a bit rusty, but can remember it tasted sweetish with an herbal and fresh flavor.

So to be honest I think it was something with (olive)oil, perhaps honey, and with a light fresh touch of mint and I think it was either coriander or perhaps even petersil, lemon grass maybe even all though it didn't look like lemon grass.

Many thanks for you input!

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Although in the UK it's normally red and not yellow, I suspect that this search will take you to some recipes that are very close.

** Phil.
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Many thanks!
Does seem based on the ingredients on the pages what I was searching for.
Thought I did remember it to be more yellowish rather than red, but then again it's been about 2 years since I last ate it.


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