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Author Topic: Bulk chicken madras, 10 portions in electric pressure cooker  (Read 1263 times)

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In recent years I've drifted away from the "classic" approach of cooking single portions from a base sauce, reduced in a pan. Mainly as I find it more convenient and time efficient to cook a big pot of curry and portion out for the freezer, so I only cook and clear up once.

I wrote the below out for a friend who wanted to have a go and thought it's worth sharing here. Because the amount of liquid is limited, I do think an electric pressure cooker is necessary for this recipe. A normal pan or conventional pressure cooker would lose too much in evaporation and burning would be an issue I think. The intention is that the receipe finishes up at the correct consistency of a finished curry as there is no final reduction stage.

I must give nods in the direction of Chewytikka, ifindforu and JB, all of whom I have referred to as sourceS of inspiration over the years. Who among us can say a recipe is entirely our own creation after all?

First make a mixed curry powder with the following proportions:
5 parts turmeric powder
5 parts mild madras curry powder
3 parts cumin powder
3 parts coriander powder
2 parts paprika
1 part garam masala
The "part" can be any size you like.  I usually use 1 part = 1 level tbsp which would give you more mixed powder than these recipes require.

For the main curry sauce, an electric pressure cooker is essential, as there is not enough liquid for it to cook sufficiently without burning in a normal saucepan, plus the evaporation from a normal pan would throw off the proportions.

Main sauce (stage 1): Ingredients

2kg roughly sliced onions (weight after peeling and slicing)
60g green pepper
1 small potato sliced 50g, no more
50g carrot
500ml chicken stock
1.75 lvl tsp salt
40g coriander stalks
20g coconut cream block
125g veg oil
1.5 heaped dessertspoonful turmeric

Add the above ingredients to the electric pressure cooker and cook at pressure for 30 mins, then release pressure and stir. Now cook again at pressure for 40 mins. Depressurise.

Thinly slice two cloves of garlic and fry in 2 tbsp oil until mid brown in colour. Add the garlic and oil to the cooked sauce and blend well with a stick blender until completely smooth.

stage 2 for chicken madras
400ml/320g oil
200g/7 heaped tbsp garlic&ginger paste
20g/ 3 level tbsp chilli powder
12g salt
50g/ 7 level tablespoon mix powder
3 level tablespoon kasoori methi leaves (dried fenugreek leaves)
100g / 4 heaped tbsp Pataks madras kebab paste
100g Tom purée diluted with 225g water plus half teaspoon tandoori masala
60g /  Worcester sauce
Juice of half a lemon

Add oil to a deep sided pot and preheat on hob. Add garlic and ginger paste and fry until it no longer sizzles so much (water has evaporated) then add salt, chilli powder and mixed curry powder, methi leaves and madras kebab paste and fry well until a toffee like aroma is noticeable. Aim to singe the spices a little. Add diluted tomato puree, lemon juice and Worcester sauce in stages and reduce each time to take it from boiling back to frying. Splattering will be a problem, try cooking it outside or with precautions (cover hob with foil). Aim to cook the spices and tomato puree very well, more than you might expect. The proper flavour comes only from well fried spices - cook on high heat for at least 12-15 mins overall.  The liquid should be used to quench the pan to prevent burning, but not to drench the pan and stop the frying process.

Add the fried spice paste back to the stage 1 sauce and blend again then Finally pressure cook again for only 5 mins. Be careful at this stage as the sauce can burn, don't cook it longer.  Portion out at 300g per curry. Add 150g precooked chicken or lamb. 


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