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Author Topic: First Curry from the site  (Read 317 times)

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First Curry from the site
« on: October 04, 2016, 07:55 PM »
I posted my second (Chicken Tikka Shahee) before my first, but here is my CA base, CA mix and CA Korma :D
I was so happy with how the base looked and was so excited to try and replicate a BIR Korma - that I made the korma sauce without any meat to put in it - and sent the other half out to the local to get me a keema naan to dip in the sauce!!  :o
Luckily, he was suitably impressed also so didn't moan too much!

I managed to follow the recipes, other than use double cream rather than single as that is what I had in!

I'm a fan of coconut and mild curries so I think I may try another next, but I am keen to try different ones and work on my heat tolerance!



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