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Author Topic: Morrison's Hot Chicken Tikka Masala  (Read 418 times)

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Morrison's Hot Chicken Tikka Masala
« on: July 01, 2018, 11:46 PM »
Browsing through Morrison's in Bodmin a week or so ago, I saw an "Indian Meal for Two" on offer at only £5-00.  The meal included Volcanic Vindaloo, Hot Chicken Tikka Masala, two Chilli Naan Breads, four Spicy Onion Bhajis and a single portion of Pulao Rice.  Not being a CTM fan, I vacillated about the idea of purchasing it, but in the end decided that even if I binned the CTM I was still getting good value.

Well, 22:00 came this evening and I still had not eaten (apart from a coup[e of smoked salmon sandwiches at lunchtime) and I'd eaten my home-made lamb biriani yesterday, so I decided to dip into the Morrison's goody bag.  The CTM was at the top, and since 22:00 is a bit late for a volcanic vindaloo, I decided to give the CTM a try.  I eschewed their pulao rice, cooked myself a paratha, cut it into four and put three pieces of the CTM chicken plus a very little sauce on each. 

The first mouthful was a pleasant surprise -- nothing unpleasant about the CTM at all (although I don't think the chicken was really chicken tikka in the BIR sense of "tikka"), but a little lacking in salt and heat.  I added a liberal coating of fresh-ground Himalayan pink salt, put a decent size portion of Khanum mixed pickle on the side, and carried on eating.  By the time I had finished, I was very pleased -- the CTM was completely unexceptionable, and overall I had enjoyed the meal far more than I had expected.  Well done Morrison's.

By the way, I cooked the CTM for two minutes at 100% in my microwave oven, lifting just one corner of the plastic, then finished it off in a little ghee in my copper-bottomed curry pan.

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