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Author Topic: Decline of traditional late night food?  (Read 126 times)

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Decline of traditional late night food?
« on: December 30, 2018, 01:38 AM »
I remember the times that after leaving the pub at 11.10pm (or there abouts, honestly) I popped next door or a few doors along for a bag of chips to eat on the walk home,

Over the last several years. this has changed, chippies closing at 7pm or 11pm at the latest and I put this down to the changing taste of the British public, who went home and ordered a TA instead.

I recently qualified for my Personal License (looking for a career change) and part of that was awareness of the legislation that was brought in 2003, in respect to the provision of food after 11pm.  Light bulb moment, for the sake of fish and chips after 11pm and local TA's closing at 11pm, despite being surrounded by a few pubs, some people are not prepared to invest in the License.

The majority of the obligations are around Child Protection, Antisocial Behaviour and Crime Prevention but by closing at 11pm, businesses are not responsible for/or required to assist local authorities or police with anything but the minimum of information.

I never had a problem in the past at a Fish and Chip shop but I found out this evening that a few hours ago, a good friend and colleague of mine was assaulted at a pizza TA just two doors from his house whilst waiting for his order.

I am not sure which question I should be asking...
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