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Author Topic: Baseless (and tomato-less) lamb curry,  (Read 159 times)

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Baseless (and tomato-less) lamb curry,
« on: February 09, 2019, 01:03 PM »
Looking through my freezer recently I found a lamb shank about which I had completely forgotten, so I defrosted it with a view to making a lamb curry.  I started by boning it and stewing the bone with a couple of Knorr lamb stock-pots, then cut the flesh longitudinally and then across into curry-sized pieces.  I put a few glugs of chilli-infused and garlic-infused rapeseed oils into my curry pan, added a couple of teaspoons of g/g paste, then sautéed gently while adding a couple of rounded teaspoons of MDH meat curry masala.  When the spices smelled ready I added the lamb pieces, turned up the heat a little, and turned and stirred the lamb until it was well coated with the g/g+masala mixture.  Once the lamb started to colour I added one large red onion, cut laterally into very thin slices, turned the heat back down and put on the lid, returning to stir from time to time.  When all the liquid from the meat and onions had evaporated and the dish was bhunaoing nicely, I checked the seasoning and added one rounded teaspoon of Kashmiri mirch and about half a rounded teaspoon of kala namak.  I continued stirring and turning until everything was nicely integrated, then added a couple of ladles of the lamb-bone stock.  When everything had reduced to my desired consistency I removed it from the heat and left it covered with the lid.  The results are really impressive, and I have already eaten ab0ut 1/3 well in advance of dinner time simply because it is so tasty that I cannot leave it alone !

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