• May 26, 2019, 03:00 AM
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Re: Livo
« Reply #21 on: May 08, 2019, 11:37 PM »
Hope you’re ok Livo and the new leg didn’t drop off? From being the life and soul of the forum you’ve gone a bit quiet mate.   

Me too of course, but I’m banned from cooking curries at the moment, until I get an acceptable curry shed built, so I have an excuse.

Yep, I'm still here and the hip is improving a lot. I can walk without the telltale hip limp now (most of the time).  I've been busy catching up on everything I didn't do in 6 weeks or so of being unable to do much at all. Consequently, and for other reasons, I simply haven't had time to put into cooking curry.  I can feel a spread coming up soon though. 

A neighbour recently put out on the side of the road a big bucket of fresh organic chokos from their vine. These things make a delicious curry.  I'll get to the shops soon to pick up some chickens and bone them out for a pre-cook.  I already have a few different base gravies in the freezer.
Lamb has been a bit pricey of late but I did pick up a reduced price boned shoulder yesterday so it's marked for curry.

Still banned from curry mate.  That's terrible news.  :o  Fortunately for me my wife loves the stuff. ;D
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