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Author Topic: mouchak vindaloo  (Read 1691 times)

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mouchak vindaloo
« on: March 29, 2012, 06:00 PM »
hi guys here is the recipe for the above

mouchak vindaloo

8 pieces pre-cooked chicken/lamb or whatever veg or prawns

half of medium size precooked potato

1 dsp garlic puree

1 chefs spoon veg oil  ( or from the top of your curry base)

1 tbsp tomato paste/ puree (mixed with water 50/50)

1 tbsp mixed powder

1 rounded tbsp chilli powder

300-400ml curry base sauce

1 dsp clear vinegar

1 tsp butter ghee

2 tbsp fresh coriander ( some too add to the dish whilst cooking and some for garnish)

heat the oil in a frying pan medium heat, then add the garlic puree mix well until you smell of the garlic change (ie does not smell raw) remove pan from heat

then add the mixed powder and chilli  and tomato puree mix well, back on the heat turn up high mixing as the spices start to foam  until you should smell a toffee like aroma then add a ladle of base sauce mix well and reduce down a little until the oil rises add your main ingredient (precooked chicken/prawns/veg/lamb) and the vinegar (allow the vinegar smell disperse) and mix well add a pinch of the coriander and the rest of the curry base sauce and cook until you have the right consistency approx 5-7mins ,scoop off any excess oil then add the butter ghee just before the end of cooking and mix well . remove from the heat, garnish with coriander and serve.



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