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Title: Nirali tikka
Post by: Curry addict bob on April 01, 2016, 09:30 PM
Chicken tikka Nirali:
I finally got the recipe for this. I found this slip of paper in my jacket pocket which the chef jotted down for me a while ago but I passed it off as I thought surely something was missing , this really good creamy curry can't be just this simple! So to ease my curiosity I made some today and to my surprise it's damn good! Here is the slip of paper he gave me and if you're in to creamy curries give it a try! I use jb base gravy.


2 X ladles of base gravy

1 X Tsp of tandoori powder I use east end it says 1/2 on the slip of paper but I increased it to 1tsp

1 X portion of chicken tikka

3 X TBSP of double cream

1 X knob of butter

A small handful of cashew nuts

Just simply cook for around 3 minutes done

1 X hard boiled egg just my personal preference

That's it done.