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Title: Welcome to Lambie
Post by: Peripatetic Phil on January 16, 2011, 04:46 PM

I was searching through websites trying to find how many black cardamoms to put into a curry as I've never used them before and found a link to this site.
I have been trying to make curries for years but I can never achieve the taste and especially the depth of flavour found in a good restaurant curry.
I haven't had a good look around the site yet, there is so much to read but hopefully I will be able to pick up lots of hints and tips which should help to satisfy our curry craving.


It's all to be found here, Lambie, and the use of black cardamom has been addressed by many people.  If you use the "Search" function and enter "black cardamom" (with the quotation marks, so it doesn't also return messages the the words "black" and "cardamom" separately), you'll find everything that has been discussed.  Good luck with your research !

** Phil.

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