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Title: Hi
Post by: Zapp on February 18, 2012, 06:48 PM
Hello everyone.

I found this site completely by accident whilst looking at the Wikipedia page on curry.

I've been making my own curries on and off for around 13 years using all kinds of recipe books and online recipes.  Ironically, my curry making activities were boosted during my wife's second pregnancy in 2001/2, when she went from being afraid of Korma spice levels to demanding insanely hot curries overnight  :o :o

After a bit of a layoff I've started again, using a lot of Anjum Annand recipes and the Kris Dhillon sauce base predominantly.  I am a shooter, so I favour recipes that can be turned to the likes of pheasant, pigeon and rabbit as much as those that focus on the traditional meat and veg.

I'm very interested to see what techniques and recipes others are finding success with.  Hopefully after having a look around I'll be able to contribute something.

What I'd really love is something that I can use to convince my wife to eat lentils etc.  Perhaps a really tasty side dish she could have a dab at along with her main meal.

Title: Re: Hi
Post by: curryhell on February 18, 2012, 07:05 PM
Welcome Zapp.  Did the wife retain her fire eating skills?  Some good recipes for tarka dhall on here or just feed lentils via  the good dhansks on offer ;D
Title: Re: Hi
Post by: Zapp on February 18, 2012, 07:30 PM
She has settled down to a fairly pokey madras level of heat now.  Strange beasts though, pregnant women  :-\

I was considering a dhansak as it happens, but with a small, user friendly amount of lentils to begin with.

Either that or I could knock her up again on the off chance she will go crazy for lentils  ;)