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Dansak / Re: Chicken Tikka Dhansak - For Southerner's :)
« on: July 07, 2012, 11:45 PM »
Hi Bob, That looks the dogs ;) I had my first Dhansak last bank holiday whilst visiting family down South. To be precise Rye, East Sussex, and I am now a converted "Hot, Sweet & Sour freak ;D". Will knock this one up tomorrow  ;)

Curry Videos / Re: CBM Little India Chicken Vindaloo
« on: July 07, 2012, 11:35 PM »
Hi Mick,

As it happens I have made the base sauce tonight but it appears the video link has been removed for the vindaloo.  Do you happen to have an alternative link? The base by the way is tremendous!  ;)

As well as Razors kebabs the Pataks kashmiri masala paste is used in cwg's onion bhaji
Thanks worth knowing  ;)

I recall that Razor uses Kashmiri masala paste in his excellent kebabs .. I don't know if it's the same stuff as you have though CCL    :)
Hi Colin,
Thanks for that, I shall add some next time I make the kebabs  :)

Kashmiri Masala is a very strong paste and can overpower the other flavours of a curry.

I wouldn't use it in a Madras, because Madras doesn't need these extra spices or the Kashmiri after taste.
But I would use it in a spicy Roghan Josh and Balti, or any Lamb or Beef curry where I want strong enhanced flavours.

I've never seen a Chef use this directly in a curry, but I have watched a sous chef
using a touch of it, to spice up a Tikka stir fry and Katti kebab.

On the other hand, I really enjoy inventing new curries using flavour enhancers,
especially from the boxed selection in the Asian Supermarkets.

Did you buy the boxed MANGAL brand Kashmiri Masala, as I use it and its stronger
than Pataks. I empty the pouch and mix the stiff paste with veg oil and store it in an airtight container.

I do the same with their Kheema Masala paste, as I think it will go off if you just leave it in the pouch.

cheers Chewytikka
Hi Chewy,
That's correct I bought the MANGAL brand, diluted it with a bit of hot water then added oil to it. It is now in the fridge :)

After talking to a BIR chef who mentioned he adds Kashmiri Masala to his madras I inevitably went out and bought a box. I am now intrigued as to whether anyone has added this to their curries! :-\

Hi you should try Wally's in the Royal Arcade in Cardiff.
I use the hot powder as part of my base sauce recipe. and it works out about 20p per batch of my base recipe.
Basic curry sauce   
vegetable oil
4 medium onions 3 fine diced 1 sliced
1/2 tsp ground peppercorns
1 tsp salt
fry until translucent then add
20g minced ginger
20g minced garlic
15g Bolsts hot curry powder
fry for about 5 min avoid burning then add
250 ml water simmer for a while then add
500g passata
2 heaped tsp dried methi leaves
simmer for 30 min
Sounds straight forward many thanks clivelt

Curry Base Chat / Re: BAGAR THE GURAVY ??
« on: May 08, 2012, 12:05 AM »
It's the Bagger bit thats throwing me ;D
Bagar is often translated as "tempering". It is a garnish and/or cooking technique used in the cuisines of Indian, Bangladesh and Pakistan, in which whole spices (sometimes also other ingredients such as minced ginger or sugar) are fried briefly in oil or ghee to liberate4 essential oils from cells and this enhance their flavours before being poured together with the oil into a dish.

It is added at the end of cooking just before serving (as with dal) or else prepared at the beginning of cooking before adding the ingredients to a curry.

Can anyone shine light on wheather there is any harmful substances in powdered food colourings or liquid food colourings? I recently read somewhere that there has been food tested in certain establishments with more than the legal amount of artificial food colouring added!

Thanks in advance,

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