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Thank you Gav — may I ask with what size of cylinder you use it ?  I ask because Flogas advised I would need a 47kg cylinder, which I would never be able to move ...
** Phil.

I have a 19kg cylinder from flo gas purely as I didn't have to pay a deposit. I also use these as i have a few gas things

Unfortunately I don't yet have a high-pressure LPG cylinder and regulator from which to run it, and it's rather unimpressive when run from my low-pressure setup, so I have to experience the real pleasures of 40kw Chinese cookery ...

** Phil.

Although I haven't got a wok burner I do use an adjustable High Pressure regulator and this one from wickes is great. Left hand threaded for regular Propane bottles

Pictures of Your Curries / Re: Sri Lanka Fish Curry
« on: May 19, 2020, 09:53 AM »
Lovely Naga, now the missus has started work again I can get back to having things for lunch that she doesn't eat, like fish. Love fish in a curry not that I have it much  :confusing3:

So sorry, Gav, I inadvertently modified your post rather than quoting and replying to it.  I have tried to put it back as it was, but please correct any errors I have made in so doing.

What I intended to add in my reply is (1), yes, that is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind (how much, though ?!), and (2) I don't think I ever saw the mobile pizzeria van man in Horsmonden rotate the pizzas (he definitely used a wood-burning oven) but perhaps I just wasn't paying attention.

** Phil.

No problem. If its a oven with a fuel at one side, they have to be rotated otherwise they just burn. Added a better video that explains it better.

The Blackstone Pizza oven was discontinued for some reason. Getting the pizza to be roughly central from the peel launch would be a bit of a skill imo. I've seen someone adapt one of the original ooni's with a microwave turntable motor underneath onto a circular pizza stone. TBH the rotating  of them is easy and adds to the fun of cooking them..

Not really into DIY pizzas ('though I love those from the mobile pizza vans with integrated wood-burning ovens) but the one thing that strikes me from watching both the video above and those from Gozney is that a fortune awaits the man who successfully integrates a motorised turntable into those things.  I know that I have to rotate my kebab seekhs by hand, but then so do the professionals, whilst a professional pizza chef just sticks in the pizza and it cooks evenly whilst the DIY home chef has to keep rotating the d@mned thing by hand ...

You mean like this Phil ?

And as for rotating. If its in a Wood Fired Oven, even a professional pizza chef turns it.

Kenzi-Lopez (SeriousEats) compares the two.

pap rika posted it earlier in the thread. I do like Kenzi's channel.  :smile: :smile:

According to Gozney, the Roccbox comes in at just under £400, so not entirely out of the question for some of our more affluent members.
** Phil.

The price has come down a lot then. At that money, I'd pay the extra over the koda for one. The peel (which is an extra £50 or so with the ooni) is excellent as well.


I have looked around in the online enthusiast groups and see a lot of small pizzas with burnt edges coming from these 12” cooking platter ovens, like the koda and ooni 3.  The comparison video which pap posted below shows the larger koda 16, and has more or less sold me on the idea that I “need”(!) that size.  I also need to be richer to get into this home pizza oven lark, as each time I see one, my eye is then caught by one that’s a bit better....

The burnt edges are easily avoidable. You can go from hero to zero in less than 10 seconds so you have to keep an eye on them and turn them in time.

I know a few who have built they're own pizza ovens and have had great success with them. The only thing that puts me of doing one is the obvious fact they are heavy and usually stuck in position. There's loads of info on youtube or the internet for building one.

Also you could keep an eye out as a lot of people upgraded to the koda so theres been plenty second hand ooni  2's and 3's for sale. Some people are even upgrading from the Koda to the 16.


So, in the ooni range I see the ooni 3 can be run on gas or pellets, and is the cheapest, so I’m having trouble seeing past this right now. Did I miss something which makes the one Gav mentioned (the koda) a much better idea? 

Running on pellets doesn’t bother me, as I will be cooking no more than 3 or 4 at a time. Would I be right in supposing that the flavour of a wood cooked pizza is better than one from a gas fired oven?

How many cooking sessions might you get from a gas bottle by the way, and is that a lower running cost than pellets?

The Ooni 3 does run on gas as well but you need to buy the gas adaptor which is £70.  A few of my friends who had wood pellet ooni's both upgraded to the Koda and love it.

I wouldn't say the wood pellets add a lot of flavour and are basically just a source of heat. I an't really tell any difference between pellets and gas and the fact that they are only in for a max of 90 seconds.

As for gas against pellets running costs. A bag of pellets lasts ages as does a gas bottle depending on the size. If your going to use the ooni pellets then i think the gas would work out cheaper. You also have to make sure your pellets are stored dry as they absorb moisture at the drop of a hat.

I ran my ooni on these

Some people say they can tell a difference but I couldn't. The hardwood ones I used to use used to chuck out loads of soot as well. At the end of the day, they both churn out products of combustion..

If you get a small cast iron dish you can cook loads of other things in it. Chicken tikka for example.

Theres a good facebook page at

If I was in your position, I'd go koda.


If I were going to buy a pizza oven again I would definitely go for one of these

That was one that used to be on my replacement list but the price increase that seemed to happen last year scratched it off. Now it would be a roccbox all day. Great bit of kit, solid and consistent.

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