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Well a weekend trip full of food down in London meant a meet up with forum member Micky Tikka and as the booking times at Dastann didn't work out it was back to Blue Junction in Morden for a second visit and once again it didn't disappoint.

The restaurant is Indian with some Indo-Chinese dishes. As I'm not good with lots of chili at the minute we ordered mainly 'girly curries' but I have to say I really enjoyed the Paneer Mutta with peas in. All the dishes were lovely with a special mention to the Paneer dish and also the Aubergine fingers which are fantastic. Going to have to give them a go at home.. Well worth the visit.

Pizza Poppadoms - daft name but really tasty.

Special Mixed Grill

Lamb Cutlet Chops

Crispy Aubergine fingers and Crispy Bhindi

Haryali Pahadi Tikka (apologies for the blurry photo)

Chicken Sagwalla and Chilli and Garlic Rice

Chicken Tikka 'Lababdar' Masala

Hyderabadi Keema

Bombay Aloo

Paneer Mutta

Plain Naan

Also had a bowl of the obligatory chips with their signature dry hot spice on.

Pictures of Your Curries / Chicken Curry
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:28 PM »
Not BIR but got an Instant Pot for xmas so i thought I'd have a go with a curry, chicken thighs and a few potatoes with some egg pilau

Pictures of Your Curries / Chicken Balti Pathia Ama
« on: January 04, 2018, 05:29 PM »
Inspired by one of Chewy's curries, I made this.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Pizza and Naan in the Uuni
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:17 PM »
Boys and Their Toys

Got an uuni wood fired pizza oven for xmas and only had a few goes of it due to weather. Anyway took it over to Chewys yesterday for a play with and made some pizzas and also wanted to try Naans. The oven runs of  wood pellets in a small crib at the back and the flame is drawn across the inside of the oven and up the large flue. It'll cook a pizza in 2 minutes. Cooked pizza straight in the oven, a few naans and also tried a pan pizza. The oven cooks really quickly and you can go from hero to zero in 5 seconds. When cooking the naan, I caught the first one on the edge and then reduced the time to just over a minute with a turn at the halfway stage. The photo of the straight in the oven pizza isn't very good but it shows the crust which the pizza lovers seem to like. Next is one of the naans which came out good. The last lot are in the pan and the base could have done with a little bit more so next time I'll reduce the temperature on it to allow a slightly longer cook. Can't wait for some warmer weather so i can do some other stuff on it.. Overall its a great bit of kit and i'm well pleased with it.

And coupled with Chewy's gas tandoor try-out, it was a great day out.

Came across this on Youtube. Looks awful but perhaps it may appeal to someone  :-\

Pictures of Your Curries / Murghi Achari
« on: January 14, 2016, 04:09 PM »

Well, I called into Chewy's yesterday to drop some stuff off and pick up some Pizza flour from him. As usual he's curry prepping so I kindly got the offer of a curry for lunch. Decisions, decisions but after a bit thought, one curry I've never ever had is an Achari so 15 mins later my first Achari is in the bowl and very nice it was too.   :)

Nice one Chewy thank you.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Dear Santa 2015
« on: November 15, 2015, 07:32 PM »
Right, with less than 6 weeks to go you better get your list for Santa sorted.

This year I've asked for more boys toys (well boys toy) in the shape of a Uuni 2 Pizza oven Fingers crossed, I've been a good boy.

Anyone else got a list?  :)

Lets Talk Curry / Brick Lane -London
« on: August 29, 2015, 12:24 PM »
Theres a chance next week that I may get to Brick Lane, therefore any recommendations as they all seem to be touting themselves as the best curry ever?  ::)

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / TripAdvisor
« on: April 25, 2015, 11:39 AM »
Sent in my B3ta newsletter, heres some TripAdvisor reviews written about some top tourist places. Reading them I reckon they could have easily been written by a couple of members on here.. ;D ;D ;D

Lets Talk Curry / Trials and Tribulations of a Steel Tandoor
« on: April 21, 2015, 09:01 AM »
I've always fancied a tandoor and when Stu-Pot joined the forum with some great opening posts and along with the summer approaching coupled with one of my bbqs needing replacing, I thought I would do something about it. One of the problems was that I would be taking it to France for a week and I thought a clay one might not stand the bashing about so after seeing CBM’s steel one (here and here) and asking him a few questions, I decided the steel would be a better option for me. I found one on eBay for £200 +£50 delivery and using the make an offer got it for £210 delivered. It arrived on a pallet the next day (futon for sale please pm).

Build quality isn't the best but looked after it should be ok. It’s a steel outer drum with a steel inner drum with insulation between them. It has a burner inside at the bottom and an outer burner which also heats the steel inner lining. The gas connection was a problem as the connection coming out was a 12mm dia steel threaded pipe. With various delays and looking for different fittings etc etc, nearly 2 months later I finally got it connected up to a gas bottle. I’d bought a couple of long 4mm skewers (£1.99 each) from the Indian shop I use and made a ‘stone rack’ from a vegetable bbq-er with some long  bolts in to hold it above the burner and the briquettes out of my gas bbq.

For a quick trial I just marinated a couple of cut up chicken breasts in some yoghurt with some laziza tikka botti (Geri Halliwell) paste added and nothing else. I was more interested in if it cooked than the final flavour for the first go.

Sunday and it’s first fire up. Plenty smoke coming out as all the manufacturing oil and stuff burnt off. 20 mins later my laser temperature gun was showing nearly 500 degrees C and that was with both burners but the inner one not fully on. The inside walls sooted up with the smoke and need cleaning but it was fine for chicken (well for me anyway). I loaded my 2 skewers with chicken and ½ a potato at the bottom, cooked one and then the other. Cooked in about 10-12 mins (estimated) and the on the second batch one of the bits was a bit pink in the middle still so I just flashed that bit in a pan. The skewers were red hot all the way up so they were cooking from the inside as well.
The outside of the unit got very hot so the insulation isn't very good and the bottom inside is open around the burner so any dribbles have landed on the decking.

The chicken came out really well and got the thumbs up from the family so I was happy with that for a first attempt. I’ll have to play with the temperature setting (unmarked gas knobs) and get it perfected as I think it was a bit too hot hence the bigger piece not quite cooked. It was just put in and left to cook then removed running a knife down the skewer. No brushing with ghee and a 6 hour marinade. Can't wait to try some proper marinades and a host of other things  :)

Todays challenge will be naans. More to follow.

The unit itself. Its quite large

Homemade stone rack

First skewer in.

Finished  - minus a couple of bits  :P

Close up

The 'loveitspicy' jaunty angle shot

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