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Lets Talk Curry / Bulking up a BIR curry
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:54 PM »
Hi, I have a question to ask, I'm cooking some of the brilliant recipes found on here but wish to bulk up so it's not just meat and sauce. So, whats the best way of bulking it up, could I fry extra red onions up and add them at the final stages or similar?

I have been to many many curry houses but by god this takes some beating, if are they don?t have fresh ingredients they won?t entertain particularly at lunch but the results are spectacular. Not great to look at but don?t be put off this is by FAR THE BEST curry house in Aberdeen and probably Scotland.

Recommended dishes
1.   Himalayan
2.   Everest
3.   Railway Curry
4.   Rogan Josh ? Nepalese style
5.   Arthur Daly ? forget the name but sounds like it

Simplistic and proper food

As per subject, lot of thr recipes here are quantified with '1 ladle', so can anybody recommend where to get a proper chefs ladle from, since mine are nowhere near what is expected.

Whilst at it, can anyone also recommend a decent karahi\wok or whatever to cook in please? Links to said items would be great, amazon even better and would help many newcomers to BIR way of cooking


Lets Talk Curry / Frying dried spices
« on: April 20, 2015, 03:04 PM »
So, I'm new here and learning the ins and outs of BIR style curries. I usually cook traditional curries with recipes from books.

I have a question regarding adding dried spice mixes whilst frying. Do people not add water to the mix to turn it into a thick paste which prevents the spices of possibly burning and regulating the temperature by adding water if required or is that 'old school' nowadays?

Neil :-\

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