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Lets Talk Curry / saw a 'flyer' come up on FB
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:28 PM »

perhaps I have been looking too hard on Amazon and the Bay for curry pots, tiffin -tins etc, and google who know everything about anything and everybody now believe I need some assistance....

Its more about 'traditional' than BIR and gives insights on menu planning, spicing etc.

probably nothing new to the 'lifers' on here, but give it a look?


Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Royal Recipes (BBC Tv)
« on: January 30, 2017, 08:36 PM »
caught some of this this morning,on BBC2, watched again on iPlayer.
Michael Beurk (spelling?), delves into the history of the Anglo-indian cuisine, starting with Queen Victorias fascination with things 'Indian'.
I won't spoil it but the chef used to recreate some of the dishes grates with constant adjectives 'lovely, wonderful, beautiful' ad-nauseum.
some BIR history too.

lasts 45 minutes or so, you'll need a UK TV licence (apparently) to watch it.

I don't normally read the Guardian, but was looking for advice about Persimmons (Sharon Fruit) actually and this caught my eye.

You may or may not agree with the ideas inside, this is the Guardian after all, but gives some insights as to what some contributors have opinions on.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Working in a Takeaway
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:04 PM »
Working as the plumber not as 'staff', anyway I hope this part of the forum is the appropriate place.

So, this place is/was a failed TA, with very bad press coverage when it transpired that internet ordering (through those 'middle-men'sites) was originating somewhere/anywhere else that the guy on the Honda Cub could get back to..... another takeaway?, domestic kitchen? Dunno.

Re-opening soon, with, dare I say it 'absolute beginners'. Gluten - free is going to be the Unique selling point, I did venture that cookery classes might be another way forward.

SO, around lunchtime, the new head-chef appeared and there was a lot of what I took to be authentic Bengali being spoken, but with menu planning so, so many of the key words you read on this forum came through making my ears prick-up, Chefs special spice sauce, Pilao rice, special rice, you name it was interspersed with the other language.

Quite a change for me to be working behind the scenes so to speak.

Now, as with priests and solicitors I have to be discreet about where all this is happening ( the plumbers code ?  ;) )

That's about all folks, no ovens in place yet, a brand new Tandoor only so far, though getting the water and sinks sorted eased the situation somewhat. No offers of  the first TA free (it is very very local to me) :(

Having followed the Mick Crawford base sauce recipe to the letter, mine came out as a mid-brown colour. Certainly the inclusion of what coconut powder and cream lightened it, bit Mrs Scalexkid was not keen on the colour.

Now done three Korma's from it and cannot get it to the BIR Korma yellow colour, reluctant to use food colouring, but is there any other base sauce recipe to follow?

yellow daal?


pale white onions, with no red?

TIA, scalexkid

As title really....

my local tandoori does 'Ceylon Prawn', the endorphins start to move as I bring it home gently in the car, racing as I lift the lid of the tinfoil tray then BOOOOOOM! dive straight in with a spoon and "why have my lips gone numb....

I would love to replicate it.

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