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British Indian Restaurant Recipe Requests / Re: Chicken Jaipuri
« on: June 13, 2020, 10:56 PM »
A red masala pre made sauce/paste is then added  to a basic restaurant curry to make a Jaipuri.
This is normally yogurt, red food colouring, pataks tandoori paste, salt , lemon juice.

So how does the jaipuri differ from an ordinary (chicken) masala then?
I’m not familiar with () masala,but unless it contains onion/ green peppers & mushroom , only the gravy recipe / red paste recipe & eye measured condiments would make it any different to the masala you mentioned.
Jaipuri in Glasgow is a red masala curry

The Ashoka recipe on here has coconut cream added which is their own version & definitely in the minority

We have ‘Punjabi’ masala in Glasgow, which is basically the same dish
- mushroom
+tomato ketchup

I’ve  posted previously that you can find bhoounah spelled 3 different ways on the same menu here

British Indian Restaurant Recipe Requests / Re: Chicken Jaipuri
« on: June 13, 2020, 08:46 PM »
Here in Glasgow chicken Jaipuri is amazing for the local takeaway.
If anyone has a BIR style Jaipuri to share that'd be great.


Hi Soul Curry, agreed Glasgow Jaipuri is a great dish when done properly. By that I mean it has a flavour of its own. It’s basically a spicy, but non hot curry with onions , peppers ,(canned)mushroom, normally all pre fried in oil
A red masala pre made sauce/paste is then added  to a basic restaurant curry to make a Jaipuri.
This is normally yogurt, red food colouring, pataks tandoori paste, salt , lemon juice.
IMO there are no good Jaipuri recipes on this site . I’ve made the Ashoka recipe, I’ve eaten it in their restaurants . Very nice but their own take on it.
 The loveitspicy recipe posted here is oddly identical to another recipe from another site posted earlier, which has mint , so I’d forget this one
The bigboaby / Alex Wilkie recipes might not get you to what your after , but they’re in the right ballpark

Do you know if Syed intends  to share his commercial knowledge on this forum noble ox or YouTube?

Isn't he by implication of calling it BIR style already sharing his commercial knowledge? Or are you implying he's dumbing-down for the purposes of his Youtube audience?
Without having yet cooked any of his recipes SS, I don’t know. This forum’s members will critique Syed’s recipes for sure. Here is a bir curry journal YouTube is the wild west

The answer is I dont know or would I ask such a question, which I feel would be ill-mannered .
If the forum owner wants to ask thats their choice.
I am grateful for the recipes given free ( with plenty of commercial secrets) which I transcribe for safekeeping in case youtube or this forum ever crashes forever
There’s a few aspects i like the look of in the few videos I’ve watched so far.
The opinion of forum users with more than a few posts would also get my attention , which is why I asked the question.
New stuff has to pass the initial smell test imo, and here is a good place to do that. Good find I think?

I would guess it takes years for a bir chef to get right the spice mix base and set of recipes .
So I believe its crucial to follow a proven set.I asked Syed why only 1/2 a teaspoon of spice mix was used he replied the spices where in the base which made sense.
Its hard to access proper chef recipes as most. Britchefs are all copying each other with the odd tweak here and there producing spice swamps
Do you know if Syed intends  to share his commercial knowledge on this forum noble ox or YouTube?

I'd have thought Pete would be all over this. But not a single comment.
He’s been round the houses SS
Life’s too short

Hello Phil I am very honored to be apart of this blog. I am overjoyed that you admired my Vindaloo.

My name is Syed and I worked in a  Restaurant as a head chef for a while during that time I developed my passion on creating flavoursome food. The name British-ian food came about when I was discussing to my wife about creating a YouTube channel with a unique name therefore she came up with this.
Welcome to the forum Syed. I watched your Desi style Karahi/Bhuna video last night. That’s how my local restaurant made theirs. Used to have to wait 45 mins for it , so went back to the bir version. Great video & looking forward to your restaurant version amongst others.
I’ve noticed the amount of base gravy you use varies per dish. Im looking forward to seeing how to get the balance of gravy with the cooking liquor, chilli sauce etc


Lets Talk Curry / Re: Recipes just like the restaurant
« on: May 28, 2020, 09:31 PM »
Me and my family are huge curry fans. From high end restaurants to the local curry takeaway, we love it all.

We've also been cooking curries for years and have tried all the methods (base curry via Voigt, Toombs etc) but have never got a curry close enough to pass the blindfold test with our local BIR takeaway.

The sweet curries are the most difficult - CTM and Korma just never have the sweetness of a restaurant dish.

Does anyone have any recipes they have confidence in that they can match a restaurant dish? We're beginning to think it's a conspiracy!

Grateful for any pointers

Hi Jake, welcome to the forum. Agreed most published bir recipes don’t & wont IMO wont give you restaurant / t/a results at home. There are no labels on bir dishes which tell its own story. The forum has lots of great user input, but a small amount of commercial input , which is understandable. I’ve learned a lot about Chinese takeaway on this forum  by the same token
My advice would be to look out the genuine bir kitchen experiences which are sparse, then practice the recipes recipes to the letter

From my own experience, lots of used oil, lots of salt

I’ll post some links commercial& forum use I recommend

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Base gravy suggestions?
« on: April 19, 2020, 12:50 PM »
Hey, I'm going to make a batch of base gravy today, can anybody share or link me their favorite recipes?

I have a batch of jb’s base gravy at the moment. Sorry I can’t post a link from my phone. It’s the version near the top of the list , as he has posted a few
It doesn’t  taste anything like curry’s here in Glasgow, but  I can make some very nice dishes with it.
My tip would be to leave any gravy to cool and mellow as long as possible before cooking with it



My Daughter went into Bookers today, they had no chicken, they were also checking card holders identity, seems account holders are lending their cards out, also there was a fight in there today and at Iceland in Horley.

We went to Waitrose to get some milk which they had loads of many shelves empty but it was very civilised, lets hope that trend spreads.

A franchise of 10 Gastro Pubs around here have closed as of today until further notice, a local Turkish Restaurant is now doing home deliveries, i feel a lot of people will go the take away route rather than eat out so any restaurants that can gear up for that will stand more of a chance,

We sound a good bit further down the road in Glasgow mickyp. The supermarket shelves were stripped of toilet roll, pasta, baby milk , cooking oil a fortnight ago and I’ve yet to see them replenished.

There’s been rumours since Monday about an enforced closure of all pubs/ bars this coming weekend, which has led to more panic buying of supermarket booze

The very sight of empty shelves is fuelling even more panic buying
All the data & spyware loyalty cards never factored any of this in

Next up fuel queues
Like London, the  city centre here is rapidly shutting down.
Lots of young people going about their normal business in town today, which is prompting the enforcement

More serious, some the experiences I’ve heard from Italians & their families who I know are truly shocking, never mind what I’ve not heard from Iran & China

Large student population in Glasgow now from Wuhan
I reckon they’d be safer there in the coming weeks and months


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