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No haven't tried the Alu yet,but next time I go I will order one and report back.

I have been after a recipe for this for ages and have never seen a similar dish in any other restaurant.
It is a dryish dish with a slight coating of spiced butter/cream combo.
All I know is that it contains Butter  ;) and cream,but just cannot get the spices right  :'(
If anyone has any ideas,I would be grateful for any input.
A link to a pic is below 2nd thumbnail is the dish.


Apologies if in wrong area or anything (1st real post)

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« on: November 14, 2013, 12:37 PM »
Hello foodies,
Just found this great site !
I do a lot of cooking from around the world and love trying unusual recipes.
My main love is of course Indian style foods  :D
I am so hungry just looking at the pics alone,so can't wait to look through the recipes !

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