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Robbo, you need to rename the file in a file manager, which may be tricky on an ipad. Not sure. Change filename.txt to filename.xlsx. You may get a warning but proceed anyway and the file should then show as an Excel file.

If you go back to your post via modify, within the allowed time, you will see your link is now seen twice, once inside the tags, and again outside. You then edit it to enter the text you want to appear to replace one, or you can just enter that way from the start. I can't recall which you change, inside or outside the tags.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Spice mixes and all things spices
« on: June 29, 2020, 08:05 AM »
There really is nothing extraordinary about that list of ingredients.  Have you cooked it? 

I'd say the 3 different chilli powders are unnecessary but up to you and a matter of personal preference.  The biggest variables there are the mixed powder, base gravy and spiced oil.   Nobody is going to be able to tell you what to do there other than to use your own favourites. I read an interesting thing the other day that said to dry roast your Kasuri Methi before adding it to your curry.  It is meant to increase the flavour and aroma.  It is something I'm going to try next curry.

Many Indian dishes are considered incomplete without a fried egg on top.   I often put a fried egg on top of a barbecue steak.  I love an omelette (with the works), and scrambled eggs with partially un-melted chunks of Processed Kraft Cheddar Cheese, salt and butter.  This is how my father taught me to cook it at 8 years old and I've never looked back.  Anything else is inferior.  Processed cheddar cheese is the best.

There are many ways to enjoy an egg.

If the recipe says to put an egg on top, I'd put an egg on top.

Yep. Ok. Not too different. Your other pics made it appear much darker. All good and we are in the same game.

You must really like that dinner plate Phil. I can't say I've ever bothered Aralditing a dinner plate back together and probably never will.

There is a picture of my Basic Chicken Curry over on Josephine from June 22.  It is the 3 pieces of chicken right at the top but unfortunately the gravy is under the Turmeric Rice.  You can however see, from the colour of the chicken pieces, that it is clearly a much lighter colour than yours.  I'll be doing another tomorrow.

Looks to me like you need a new dinner plate to go with that Chasseur casserole Phil. Is that a crack running right across it?  The father of a surfing mate of mine growing up would have smashed it on sight.  Right or wrong  he destroyed any cracked crockery after proclaiming it to be a bacteria breeding colony.

Now that I've had a go at your plate, I'll say that I'm not a fan of wet curry either. In my experience excess gravy is wasted and ends up down the sink.  I imagine the spice could be adjusted by simply adding extra mixed curry powder if you did like wet curry and wanted the extra.  Syed does definately say to double the spice mix if cooking fresh or boiled chicken. 

I don't know if it's just lighting, but your basic chicken curry appears to be much darker than mine, and (from memory) Syed's.

I haven't gone back to check on whether he uses watered down gravy yet.  If he does that could explain the colour difference but it would also mean even lighter spicing than you're getting.  Ok. I'm pretty sure he's referring to the gravy in the finished curry being thinner, and not the base gravy.

He adds a little extra on several occasions after the initial gravy and continually refers to the thin consistency of the 'Curry' as opposed the 'Bhuna'. I think that right at the start he emphasises that his Base Gravy has been thinned down for the dish as well, but I'd need to re-watch it to confirm.

I have to agree that this basic chicken curry is excellent. I've also thoroughly enjoyed the other dishes tried so far. I'm looking forward to another batch of Tikka over the weekend and as I've bought 4 kg of organically farmed breast fillet I'll be doing some pre-cooked for future curry. It will go a long way as my family have rebelled and I'm the only one eating Indian at the moment.

Is that your usual rice Phil? I rated Syed's rice as really good.  Easy method with excellent result.

I don't know what you're doing differently Phil. I'm not getting any oil separation out of Syed's base, even after extended cooking. Maybe something to do with your preservation process as mine is in the fridge.

I had oil come out of the Chicken Bhuna/Rogon during the reduction stage, and I did remove some, but I put that down as being my own fault due to not actually measuring the oil into the pan and I know I put in excess ghee.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Spice mixes and all things spices
« on: June 26, 2020, 12:56 AM »
Back in 2014 I did a conversion of a traditional style Madras recipe from a book to a more BIR method and did a side by side comparison trying to keep the ingredients as close to identical as possible.  I really liked both versions and the dish was also liked by another member when he tried it.

I'm not going to suggest it was anything special or claim any credit for the recipe as I cooked it from a published recipe.  I haven't cooked it again in quite a while but I do recall enjoying it back then and a few times I cooked it after that time.  It may give you some insight into the spices used though.

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