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Lets Talk Curry / Re: Naan bread
« on: Today at 01:20 AM »
For convenience here is the link again.

This post is for a member who has just contacted me by PM after 7 years.

I recently received comment from my family that I'd nailed the Mango Chicken on the last batch I made.  So scroll back up this thread to post # 26 from Chewytikka and his instructional video on how to make Malai Makhoni and add mango pulp.  This was my Eureka moment.

For the most recent and finally successful dish, I used the scaled down version of MarkJ's Base gravy post # 185.  Ignore the claims that you can't scale it down as you can. 

In the final dish I added extra Kesar Mango pulp, probably double and a good tablespoon sized lump of jaggery.  To pre-cook the chicken I only ever poach in diluted base gravy for this particular dish as it is a mildly spiced dish and sweet.  Not to everybody's liking but it is what it is meant to be.

The dish I linked to immediately above this post looks interesting and had I been able to find something like this 20 years ago it would most certainly have shortened my mission by a huge amount.

Another one that looks interesting to try is this one. 
It doesn't really appear to be the exact dish from out here but it is close to the descriptions sometimes given that the dish is a variation on butter chicken. It certainly provides a platform from which to experiment.

1 cup flour = 120 g
1.5  tsp baking powder = 6 g.
This is 5% which is at the upper limit of 3 - 5 % used in most self-raising.  Not all countries have salt added.

Yogurt (acid) reacts with baking powder (base) for fizz.  Double acting baking powder give second rise in heat of oven.

I'm not sure about Bakers percentages with this 2 ingredient dough. Theoretically it is around 160% hydrated which would be a very wet dough but it doesn't look to be too wet at all.  Yogurt is around 80% water. 1 cup is 245 g so about 200 ml water. 1 cup of flour is only 120 g which is your 100% reference.  Typically a pizza dough is only around 60% - 65% hydrated so I have no idea how 160+% isn't too wet to work with.

After having tried wet dough handling (aarrrggghhh!!!) you really have to appreciate the skill of people like this.

Spot on mate, I’ve being trying to get strong bread flour and dried yeast for 2 weeks now and can’t get any

Same out here MA. I was lucky enough to find a 5kg bag of bread flour this week (last one on the shelf and the first I've seen in weeks) and when I got to the checkout it was on special.  I already have a pack of yeast but it is unavailable in the main stores out here as well.  Check the Asian markets. 

At a pinch plain flour (10% protein) is usually strong enough to do a fair pizza.  Maybe ask a local bakery if they can spare a little yeast.  You can grow yeast from a very small amount and harvest it. As long as you're reasonably sterile it isn't hard and you can keep a live yeast colony dormant in the fridge for quite a while.  Check out the home brew forums for info.  Home brewers harvest their yeast colony quite a lot.

The other alternative is to do a sourdough starter.

It will work just as well wrapped in foil in a loaf pan.  I used my wife's cylindrical loaf pan.  The spring form type that has a split down the length and removable end caps.

Grow Your Own Spices and Herbs / Re: Chilli grow 2020
« on: March 27, 2020, 10:36 AM »
They don't miss much, do they?

I did the doner-in-a-tin.  The meat worked out quite well actually.  The real trick is mastering the sauces.  Lebanese / pita bread is easy to come by.  Fresh salad, tabbouleh and hummus are easy.  It's all in the sauce IMHO.

Tonight was Pizza night at the Livo's place.  Pizza from scratch is a big day Aussie style, (yes, pineapple and prawns).  Not much left though and number 2 daughter made a desert pizza with the one leftover base. 

Eight in total.  Everybody makes their own.  Meat-lovers with pepperoni and Barbecue sauce for the boys (sacrilege).  Hawaiian with prawns for number 1 daughter (I'm quite partial to this as well).  Wifey and number 2 daughter go with a satay base sauce, BBQ chicken breast, roast pumpkin, feta cheese, baby spinach and mushroom, while I prefer the more Mediterranean savory style of topping.

Lets Talk Curry / Naan bread
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:45 PM »

Livo - I would also love to hear your naan secrets.

I was not happy with what I felt was the severe metallic / chemical after-taste associated with what I considered excessive baking powder in the popular favourite naan recipe and technique.   A now non-contributing member shared a few pointers with me in private including a private video. As he hasn't published this information, I didn't feel I should and still don't.

What I will say publicly is this; the recipe I was shown was described as UK genuine, Deluxe Naan.  Not a standard naan.  It is full dairy (not water), contains egg, uses self raising flour plus fresh yeast and no baking powder.  I have not used fresh yeast but dried instant and much preferred it to the popular favourite.  No after-taste. 

One day I will source fresh yeast to try it I hope. The full recipe is nothing you wouldn't expect. There is more than one dairy product but nothing you haven't see before. Anybody understanding Bakers percentages and dough consistency will be able to deduce a similar naan from this information.  It isn't really a secret recipe but it isn't mine and I was given it in private.  I respect this and out of this respect, I won't write it verbatim on the public forum.

Of course cooking in a tandoor makes a considerable difference as well, albeit that the tawa technique is convenient.

The same member also told me what any BIR chef would list as the ingredients in a normal BIR naan, if asked.  Surprisingly simple.

I also highly rate the School of Artisan Food naan.  It is different to the UK deluxe naan but just as good in my opinion.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Criticising recipes
« on: March 26, 2020, 08:07 PM »
One significant difference George, is that I posted comment about Ghaana's Korma after I'd cooked it. I just looked back to your first post regarding Romain's Dhansak and confirmed my recollection. You hadn't tried it before you made comment on its quality from your reading of the recipe. You had not yet tried it.  I can't find where you wrote you've made it till just now.

Why you would be upset by me commenting negatively about Ghaana's recipe is beyond me.  You liked it, I didn't.
I ended up not binning the Korma as I dislike waste and I posted how I converted it into an edible meal.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Criticising recipes
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:19 AM »
Would you share it by PM? Promise I won't divulge or criticise. I've kept a secret naan recipe secret.  Oh darn it, I shouldn't have said that.

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