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Will a normal seive work instead of the food mill.  Just pushing it through with a spoon?  I'm doing a curry tonight and don't have a mill.

Trainee Chefs / Beginners Questions / Re: Goat meat
« on: December 21, 2013, 01:59 PM »
Without a doubt most halal butchers will guide you if not supply... I live in Yorkshire and it is never a problem here so just ask and I'm sure you will find it soon. Good luck its worth the effort and truly delicious, also try any west Indian take-aways or butchers for help.

Isn't what West Indians call goat (in the Curried Goat sense)  actually mutton though?  So if you asked for goat at a West Indian place it may just be mutton.

Ok thanks for the tips,  I fancy a chicken tikka dopiaza next as that is what I order from my local takeaway when I do. Any advice / recipes on here you recommend.

Hi curryhell, thanks for your reply.

I have no experience of BIR cooking,  I only found this site by searching google after about 4 failed curries over the last year.  I don't do much cooking but I enjoy it and am trying to get into it more after getting a decent knife set for my birthday.

I didn't use a base, I followed a basic recipe off All recipes or something similar,  and it was underwhelming to say the least.  It was along the lines of

1 Onion, 1" square of Ginger and 3 garlic cloves blended.
Fry the puree
1 tsp of each, cumin, turmeric, ground corriander
fry some more
Add chicken and about 200ml of water and cook for 5 mins ish till chicken had turned white
Add 1 tsp of Garam Massala, 3 cordomom pods, and 2 crumpled bay leaves.
Simmer to desired thickness (about 30 mins) and serve.

The spices were all pre ground,  Asda's own brand. Nothing special.

I just watched the video of the Glasgow base sauce with Mr Singh.  I think I am going to make this, but I only have a small freezer.  Is it ok just to scale everything down by half or will the result not be the same.

Hi all

I'm practically brand new to cooking, aside from a spag bol every now and again.  I have attempted curries in the past a couple of times now and always seem to get the same gritty texture.  Taste wise, they are OK, nothing amazing compare to a proper indian takeaway,  but the texture is always the same.

It's either a Dopiaza or a Massala that I try to cook usually always with the same result.  I'm going to browse over the site for recipes etc,  but the gritty texture is really a deal breaker when it comes to a good curry. 

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