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Curry Videos / Re: CA's Korma
« on: February 18, 2012, 07:11 PM »
LOL, I meant that I would be cooking Korma again as I was entertaining, Phall would be next, and was next, and was thoroughly enjoyed as well.  Korma again tomorrow!!!  :-)

Curry Videos / Re: CA's Korma
« on: February 14, 2012, 10:35 PM »
I tried this recipe, and have tried it again scince, and it is really really good.  It is really simple, therefor really easy, and yields a great result.  I gave some to a friend to try and his response was that it was f*ing awesome.  I think that about sums it up.  I shall be cooking this at the weekend once again (I shall be getting sick of Korma soon, Phal will be next!) as I shall be entertaining and this seems the perfect all round dish and is easy for me to knock up.  Thanks CA.

Curry Videos / Re: CA's Korma
« on: January 28, 2012, 06:29 PM »
Well, I am surprised that there are not many replies.  There are two main points that I would make, not exactly a criticism, but more of a point for criticism, if that makes sense.  I am not familiar with that particular recipe myself, as I have not yet tried it, in fact today is the first time that I have looked for a Korma recipe.  I looked at the video as I thought that was a great idea, as if you go wrong somewhere then someone will point that out etc. and maybe I will learn something that way also.  The trouble is, that because I am not familiar with that recipe it is difficult for me to know what you are doing.  A simple narrative, such as 'now I add 1 teaspoon of Turmaric' would be really helpful, that way if you add something incorrectly, or add more of something for some reason, ie. 'I am adding a bit more cream as it is going stodgy' then that would help to know what you are doing and be able to correct or understand.  The other point would be that you should really include a link to the recipe along with the video, that way I can watch the video, and click on the link for the recipe so that I can read what you are doing in stages without having to search about to try and find it.

Other than that, and that is not really a huge criticism, just more like a pointer, as was said before I wouldnt have simmerred the last stage for quite as long, and I wouldnt have fried the chicken at the start but boiled it for a few mins to cook before hand, but it still looked fine to me.  In fact having watched the video I shall probably give that recipe a try, as you showed it to be very easy to do, minimal prep time needed etc., that is a quick and easy curry to cook, so hopefully it is a nice tasty one too.  :)

Thank you for taking the time and effort to film what you have done, and to do it in one shot from start to finish so that you can see just how quick and easy it is to do, some people might say that is boring because who wants to watch a pot simmer for 5 minutes, but it shows the truth about how long it takes and how it looks whilst it does so.  I personally hate recording a narrative, or narrating as I go, as I feel stupid doing it, but it really is something that would enhance your video, and it can be as simple as 'now I am going to leave it for 8 minutes' rather than feeling like you have to talk about stuff for 8 minutes like they do on tv.  :)

« on: June 02, 2008, 07:40 PM »
I have made this base a few times also, and appart from my terrible start by burning everything at the very first stage, it has always turned out great, even when I have forgot to put things in at the right point.

I have just realised  :-[ that I never posted a follow up to my vegetarian madras that I had planned for christmas.  It went down a real treat.  In retrospect, I would have probably put in a few more potatoes than I did, and maybe steamed the veg for a little less time, but as it was my first time using a steamer I followed instructions perfectly, not taking into account that they would continue cooking for a further ten minutes in the sauce.  We ended up eating it three times as a curry on its own, and once along with a full blown takeout from my local curry house with vegi vindaloo and bombay potatoes, nan breads and bahjis, raita and dhall and my vegi madras as a side dish.  I guess that technically we had that twice as there was curry for breakfast the next day too!

I also recently made the vegi madras for another guest only a few weeks ago.  The commemt she made was that it was better than any curry she had ever had from a takeaway, probably the best one that she had ever had!  ;D  I have given some of that batch frozen as a kind of ready meal to an old lady who lives near me, so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of it too.  I shall let you guys know.

I now need to do something about the extra weight that I am gaining because of all my curries.

« on: December 09, 2007, 07:00 PM »
Well, I am glad to see that Astronick is a veggie, as that touches perfectly on the question that I was about to ask.  I shall be entertaining over Christmas this year for a few vegetarians, and I have lined up a nice veggie bolognese, a nice hot veggie version of my 'mucho matcho' chilli (so hot that it burns twice and sets fire to the frozen toilet paper!), and I also plan to do a madras as I love this dish so much.  Here is my question though.  Is the substitution of veggie stock instead of chicken stock necessary, or can I just use normal plain water?  Also, which vegetables would be good to use and how is best to cook them?  I know that often you get the such like cauliflower, broccoli, baby carrots, green beans, potatoes, mini corns, but what else should I be looking for?  Also, do I cook them seperately and just add them at the end, or do I add them raw and let them cook through in the sauce?  And what is the best potatoes to use, king edward, maris piper or some other?

Lets Talk Curry / Re: What's your worst "aprez curry" incident?
« on: August 09, 2007, 08:13 PM »
Well, my worst aprez curry incident happened a few years back when I was working a job in Manchester.  I had travelled all day to get there, leaving at 8am and arriving about 6pm.  I hadnt had time for lunch on the journey, and trust me when I say this, next time FLY.  Once I arrived we went to the job and was shown around, a task that took about an hour.  We then went for a couple of beers.  Now I swear, I only had about 3 pints, and not wanting to sound like a brag, I can usually handle around 10, so I was a bit distressed when we decided to go for a curry afterwards, and I was feeling rather queesy. 
  We arrived in the curry house, I do not know the name, and were seated right opposite a rotating fan.  This simple action did nothing to improve how I felt, only making me worse.  After ordering and eyeing up a couple of birds at an adjacent table, I familiarised myself with the toilet, just in case.  The food arrived, and was very nice, but I didnt get past a couple of mouthfuls.  I had to excuse myself rather fast and make a mad dash for the loo.  Once there, to my horror someone was in the cubicle, and by the time that I had even concidered the urinal it was too late.  I believe that the waiter got the rest of my party and they retrieved me from hanging off the urinal, after having vomited over pretty much everything in the toilet.
  My embarrasment doesnt end there.  They called a cab, and I recall some of what happened.  No sooner had we got in the cab, than I had to pull over, and was being sick over some poor sods wall.  My colleagues at least had the decency to get my curry turned into a take away at least.  It doesnt end there though, although this is the last thing that I remember. 
  I awake in a field.  I have no idea where I am.  I have been in Manchester for less than 24 hours and do not even know where I am staying.  About 100yrds away is a main road though, and there are some sort of group of school kids coming along.  I am naked.  In a field in the middle of nowhere with an approaching school, naked.  I also had one hell of a headache.  Eventually I manage to hide myself from sight and find my way back to where I was staying, although dont ask me how.  I did get to finish my curry and it was rather nice, and although I dont think that the curry played much of a part of what happened, and I also dont think it was the alcohol, I personally think I was slipped something else, at the very least it does make for a rather amusing story now in hindsight, and it was aprez curry.
  I do not know where the curry house was or what it was called, and I am sorry if it was your wall that I was sick over, but it was still a nice curry the next day.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Left over curry isn't BIR curry
« on: August 09, 2007, 07:55 PM »
anyone tried curry toasties  ;D

Curry Toasties hmmmmm?  Now there is a thought.  I have had many a cold leftover for breakfast, be it curry, chinese, pizza, kebab, whatever I can peel back off the floor from the night before basically.  I dont know why I do it, and I wouldnt say that it particularly tastes better, but  for some reason it seems to look like it will!  I have also found beers several days later stashed somewhere around the house that I wasnt expecting, and I dont waste them either, although they definately do not taste better after a good airing.

I wanted to give this a try, but when I went out on my shopping mission, I could only find normal mustard seeds (white ones), and I wondered if that would make much of a difference.  I am still pretty new to some of these ingrediants, so I dont always understand the importance of some of the spices, and the unimportance of others, so some of you may be laughing thinking that of course they are well different, but I do have to ask these things.

British Indian Restaurant Recipe Requests / Re: Massala Dosa
« on: July 25, 2007, 07:55 PM »
Wow, that was a fast reply, there was I thinking that it would probably take a while for someone to find one.  That is really great, and two options also not just one.  Many thanks Cory Ander.  I dont suppose that you have a link to that Dosa sauce as well per chance?  You really are a star man.  :D

British Indian Restaurant Recipe Requests / Massala Dosa
« on: July 24, 2007, 10:03 PM »
Does anyone have any info on this item.  From what I can gather it is a vegetarian item which consists mainly of a large flat rice crepe.  It is my brothers favourite dish, he lives in Canada so it is not his fault, and I would so love to surprise him with this item next time he comes over.  Not all BIRs offer this, as I belive that the indian provinces that it originates from is not overly popular here, unlike the typical massala or madras etc.  I also believe that it is cooked on a special surface and is filled with potato, and you have coconut side dish. It is really good with a sambar ? which is a lentil based sauce, apparently.

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