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Oh I don't know about the USA. No idea!

That's why I'm finding it so hard to source....Any idea if they've sorted the problem out?

Hmm where are you based? Any local Asian store should have it. Any decent sized town should have it. There are about 15 shops that are stocking it in my town I expect!

Thanks for all the work.
Could you be more specific about the amount of water used? You mentioned a Yoghurt tub. What size?  1 pint?  2L?
Just a rough guess?

Edwina Curry

Can anyone tell me if,  6 odd years on,  this recipe is still relevant?

I know there are advancements and we learn new tricks constantly but has this one stood the test of time?

Edwina Curry

Pictures of Your Curries / Re: A Collection of Naga Pickles
« on: March 15, 2016, 09:43 PM »
Indians make chutneys and add flax seeds to Indian breads like chapatis and parathas. 

Thats good enough for me.  :)

Now that didn't take too long did it. Thanks everyone. Now to find out what powdered spices are in there  :P  ;D ;D ;D


After a year or so of experimenting soaking sesame seeds, split flax seeds chia seeds etc, I have found out they are split fenugreek seeds. I know this for sure now because I just made a batch with tons of extra fenugreek seeds in and some of the seeds expanded. When I opened one up I found two of them inside. They are identical and it appears you can actually buy split Fenugreek seeds so you just get these without the casing.

Another couple of years and I'll have the rest nailed.

Edwina Curry

Mustard seeds and mustard oil feature IMHO.

Mustard seeds possibly but I doubt they use mustard oil because they'd have to declare it on the label or risk falling foul of European food regs.

How funny that large quantities of the sauce were recalled because they failed to declare that the sauce contained mustard!

Pictures of Your Curries / Re: A Collection of Naga Pickles
« on: April 10, 2015, 02:51 AM »
Thanks for directing me to this thread DalPuri!

It's funny, I didn't have a macro lens to hand, and haven't photographed them, but I have the small white flat seeds laid out on a yoghurt top lid, just as you did and they look exactly the same! I was going to post  an image when I got round to it to see if anyone knew what they were.

They certainly look similar, but there are a lot of very flat looking versions of the seeds you show in kine, and flax seeds look pointed on one end to me, whereas the ones in mine are more oblong. Need to look again though. Maybe they're split/cracked flaxseeds?

I look forward to nipping out and getting some flax seed tomorrow when I get a chance and bashing them about in the mortar and pestle to see how they smell.

Does anyone think that Asafeotdia might be an important ingredient in this?

Also, looking at a list of Bangldeshi spices I noticed mango powder. I'be bought some of that.

I'm convinced that with Mr Naga thy remove the pith and seeds which is why it isn't as hot as it might be, but I'm actually not convinced that it's the spice mix that is responsible for the taste.

I think it's something else like Asafoetida, or whatever. Pretty Asafoetida comes under 'spices'...?

Edit: Also - I'm convinced that the edition of flaxseed among others such as split mustard seeds ( I have definitely seen after dissecting), purely serve to give the appearance of lots of chilli seed and in fact don't add much flavour. Also, I believe there may be radhuni (celery) seeds in there was well. I ate a teaspoon last night and could definitely taste celery.

No cumin that I can see, by the way. But definitely what looks like fennel seed.

Edwina Curry

Hi there!

Got the chillis from the local Makkah store...

That sauce is all well and good but it's the taste of Mr Naga I actually like, at least in a Rogan Josh and this experiment is designed to reduce the heat but keep the flavour, which is why I'm trying to get the Mr Naga taste.

Horses for courses and all that. I'll keep a look out for it, thanks!

edit: Oh that's your sauce? Nice one!

Edwina Curry

Was in hot soapy water , rinse, shake off excess water and put in low oven for 10 mins+
Always put hot sauces in to hot jars  otherwise you get broken glass or temp of sauce drops to low to preserve

Interesting stuff - thanks! Noted...

Edwina Curry

Thanks Andy that's great!

Any tips on how to sterilise a jar?


Edwina Curry

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