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Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Re: Pork, pulled and otherwise
« on: November 24, 2020, 01:51 PM »
The name [pulled pork] may have appeared or been popularized in late 1970s but the concept of southern BBQ pork pre-dates the US civil war.

But does "Southern BBQ pork" also imply "pulled" ? I have nothing against barbecued pork (a real hog roast is excellent), it is just that the pulling seems to detract from the dish ...

I don't know if they shredded or chopped it (or likely some combination of both as they served) it but it has its roots in barbacoa which, in Mexico at least, is shredded.

I've done a couple whole hogs and a few suckling pigs and I'm fairly certain it's not possible to entirely carve it into nice slices.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Re: Pork, pulled and otherwise
« on: November 24, 2020, 12:20 AM »
Sadly not, Robbo — pulled pork made its first appearance in the mid-eighties, by which time my palate was already more-or-less set in stone, and as a result it has never really appealed to me.  I did try it once, but rather like artichoke hearts or avocado, it did nothing for me, and I rapidly returned to the "real" world [1] of roast-pork-and-crackling and sweet-and-sour-pork.

** Phil.
[1] Or as Sir John Betjeman might have said:
Safe were those mealtimes of my post-war world
When roast pork gleamed on antique porcelain ...

The name may have appeared or been popularized in late 1970s but the concept of southern BBQ pork pre-dates the US civil war. Surely you aren't that old :smile2:

I'm with Robbo - pork butt with a nice bark and maybe a little Carolina mustard sauce is wonderful stuff although I real Texas brisket done right is still by far my favourite.

Robbo - I've managed to eat at Franklin's once in my life. It was truly incredible. I've eaten my way across Central Texas a few times and that meal is still the best I've had.

Personal attacks like Romain's are almost certainly against the rules of this forum but, of course, nothing is done about it.

Personal attacks such as those made Romain are indeed aganst the rules of the forum, but I try to moderate with a light hand.  I have several times considered moderating Romain's use of the word "babbling", and am still undecided as to whether or not my intervention would be justified.  If things get further out of hand, then those participating will receive a formal warning — if that is unheeded, then the matter will be referred to Yousef, who — as you will have seen recently — is not averse to banning members when required.

** Phil.

Phil - please feel free to modify babbling as you see fit.  I didn't think it that harsh but if you are concerned I can certainly respect that.

George, I think you completely misunderstand. I don't care if you like my recipes or not.  I don't care to hear your rationalizations. I am indifferent to your opinions. You are literally nothing to me.

My observation is simply that this would be a better place if you could learn to contribute in a way that brings value. I am fairly certain I am not alone.

I don't see the post as absurd at all.  It is an insightful thought well worth consideration.  While it may be directed to you George, I have taken it in as well.

I was going to help you improve the flavour of the lamb bhuna recipe, after I found notes of something significant I did to the recipe, which may explain why mine came out so well. But I won't bother now, after your comments on this thread. The only reason that Romain has lanched a campaign of hatred against me is that I dared to say his recipe for chicken dhansak is awful - not in the same league as 95% of BIRs. Personal attacks like Romain's are almost certainly against the rules of this forum but, of course, nothing is done about it.

George, while your comments around my recipes may have brought you to my attention initially, they certainly aren't the reason for my observations here.

Let's recap quickly. In 5 posts you have 1) found someone's role in a video on youtube incredibly irritating, repeating yourself on the matter, disparaged Richard's videos twice, attacked my incredibly poor dhansak without ever once explaining why, and once again claimed mastery of a recipe but refuse to share (I think we all know what that's about).

As Livo has suggested, perhaps a little introspection with the goal of self-awareness is in order?

Romain - your post is absurd and somewhat troubling.

It's absurd because not everyone who loads youtube videos and publishes recipes is going to be successful and please everyone. Far from it. I praise plenty of things, including Aldi's bhuna sauce, Sayed's video channel and much, much more. But you are blinkered and only comment on negative comments I make, including my opinion about your poor recipe for chicken dhansak. 

It's troubling because you claim to be thinking about me as you sit quietly in the dark. I don't really believe that, but it's still of concern to read such a strange comment.

Think of it as a nice way of saying what was on my mind. Don't flatter yourself. I don't spend any time thinking about you.

I did see you talking about store bought sauce. Didn't read it too closely I must admit. I don't spend any time thinking about store bought sauces either...

I think she is the one who is relaying any questions from viewers to Khoan. That is her task here.

I'm sure that's the aim but it clearly doesn't work and, as others have said, is incredibly irritating. They need to adjust how it's done.

That's the difference between a working kitchen and the over-long, stretched-out videos of R Sayce, where he occasionally checks the messages himself.

Sometimes, when I'm sitting quietly in the dark enjoying the peace and quiet I try to imagine a world where you actually contributed something worthwhile instead of just criticizing everyone who actually does. It must be so hard for you. All those incredibly irritating people out there. Teaching. Helping. Giving. Such a burden to bear. However do you survive?

Then something breaks the magic and I realize - I really don't care. And the rest of the world doesn't either...

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Facebook question
« on: September 21, 2020, 04:49 AM »
This is one of quite a few FaceBook curry groups. There's Curry Club, The Secret Curry Club, The Curry Club (Home Cooking) and others. They are popular. The biggest one has somewhere around 50K members. They are all quite active. There are some that have been here and on the other forum participating. It's a mix of accomplished cooks, beginners and everything in between.

The biggest differences, I think, are the volume of traffic (much higher), and the diversity of participants.  There's a lot enthusiasm and the desire to cook and share. There's also a lot of uninformed opinion. There are trolls. There are spats. But they tend to get drowned out by the volume. The concept of a flame war doesn't really exist.

It's hopelessly disorganized. It doesn't have the carefully managed library of recipes that one would find here. The search function works pretty well though. I suspect Facebook licenses technology from Google.

I think of it as a huge party with many, many conversations going on at once. I have met some truly excellent cooks and all around nice people in these groups. It is, like anything, going to give back in proportion to what you put into it.

I'm a little old school and do prefer forums for their structure but there are some really good on-topic FB groups out there.


 :smile: Nice to see that Robbo! Thx!

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Base gravy caramelisation
« on: July 06, 2020, 04:01 AM »
Caramelisation is a small part of what is actually going on in your pan. Google the "Maillard reaction" and have a read if you have the inclination. Maybe stay away from the detailed scientific journals - unless you like that kind of stuff.

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