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We have supplied French neighbours Phil who were probably just very polite with their reviews. They all found the food too spicy as here in rural France they live off bread, cheese, duck, green beans and meat derived pates/terrines if they can find time to put down their wine glass. Rural French are very unadventetous when it comes to "foreign" food. They like our chicken seek kebabs though !

"Just out of curiosity, what is your most requested French BIR dish?'

All our customers are Brits so its not really "French BIR" but most popular dish is Chicken Madras. We dont offer a huge range of dishes as we never intended to run this as a business. We just helped out neighbours/friends during last years lockdown and they then insisted we carry on supplying them and they would happliy pay as they were very happy with the product. Word spreads via Social Media and we now have over 250 clients !

Apologies not needed Livo but good of you to explain. I join Forums to explore and glean any amount of information that like minded individuals care to pass on wether it be good or bad. It will always be the same old adage "dont knock it until you tried it" as we say over here !! If your import rules allow I would be more than happy to post you a Shaheen Onion Massala  :likeing look:

I have10 boxes (120 pouches) delivered to France for 100GBP. That may go up on my next delivery due to Brexit/Import charges but its still worth it. The guys at Shaheen are very accomodating so just get in touch Robbo to see if they will send to the USA. They deliver to lots of BIR take aways in the UK - the same take aways that also use Pataks/Nazirs ready made products.

Having tried a million of the bases on here and all over the internet this works as good as any. If you look at the ingredients in the Shaheen base and the soup its what we put in a base gravy anyway. I tend to go for low spicing in my bases and add at the cooking stage as its more controllable. As has been said many times before if you give myself and Atul Kochhar the same ingredients he will make a better curry than me.

Shaheen :
If I want my base a bit spicier I use a Balti Massala Shaheen pouch along with the Onion Massala.

Really???. French BIR made with stuff out of packets and you can sell 80 dishes a week to expats craving a good old BIR.  Doesn't say much for BIR then does it?

This thread answers many questions in one go.

So who is judging your output ?

Hi Garp,

No, I am British, from Manchester and spent many happy weeks along the glorious curry mile in Rusholme in my youth. All our customers are British ex pats missing that taste of BIR they left behind many moons ago. BIR is non existant in France really and the French have never really adopted Indian food - plenty of Chinese restaurants here though.

Customers do also Phil. They freeze and eat perfectly after defrosting. Happy Chris recipe - never fails  :like:

Sorry about the rubbish photos/lighting - not my strong point !!

Finished curry in pan :

Serving :

With Pilau Rice :

And a few Nans :

Time for the purists to look away. 5 minute instant base which I use to sell between 80 and 100 curries per week with no complaints - just lots of praise. Many of you will already be familiar with Shaheen. I combine their Onion Massalla paste with an Aldi soup ( I am in SW France but you can probably get something similar in the UK). Here goes :

Base and soup :

Base in pan :

Add soup and 1 litre of water then blend with electric hand wizzer. 2 minutes later :

Makes 6 x 2 person portions :

Works out at around 15 cents per portion with no tears or mess. trust me, I have been making/researching Indian food for over 45 years and this works. Soup is 30% carrots, 15% onions, 15% tomatoes, 10% leeks with added peppers and peas.

I will post some pics of finished curries later :)

May I ask, Hugo, these 20 curries a day — are you in the catering business ?
** Phil.
Sorry Phil, missed this question. I suppose the answer is yes although it was never my intention  :wink:

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