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Hints, Tips, Methods and so on.. / Re: Tenderising Chicken
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:58 PM »
For anyone still unsure about the "myth factor" of this "take meat out 30 mins before cooking" advice, that is touted around by chefs:

1. Take a lump of meat out of the fridge and put it on the worktop.
2. Stick a digital cooking thermometer in it.
3. Start your stop watch,

Hint: It takes a very long time, much longer than you every thought. I was on my second bottle of wine by the time my meat reached "room temperature",

That's all factual.

More subjectively, for me, I have never noticed any benefit from letting meat warm up to room temperature. Of course others might have difference experiences.

This time taken would indicate your waiting for the internal temperature of chicken /meat o reach room temperature, bad idea. Generally the advice you talk wrongly about is it to let the chicken relax in room temperature (briefly) before cooking. This because it’s constricting when very cold. Common knowledge in catering but in a busy kitchen it’s generally straight from the fridge or cold display due to time. Friday Saturday nights 7.30pm average of 60 covers will appear within the next couple of hours then slow till 10.30pm.
No time to consume two bottles of wine I’m afraid  :'(

God knows where that trail starts then, when i was restocking from my local store a fair few packets of ground spices stated " This product is processed in a factory that also processes nuts, while every effort is made to control.........trace elements may etc etc, so do restaurants have to get their spices from controlled sources?

That’s quite normal for producers of multiple product, it’s a no comeback claim. Restaurants don’t have to do anything or serve anything different but the issue or blame would fall on them if they advise a customer wrong a dish is nut free or gluten/Wheat free for Ciliac.  Most restaurants I have eaten in will advise there is no Wheat/Gluten in most dishes served not all dishes. A clear indication Oil is not being recycled through the multiple use frying as all the kids meals, Nuggets and fish sticks, speciality breads are cooked in them. Not something you want in your base gravy.

Most restaurants Chefs would be extremely cautious about serving anyone with a severe allergic reaction to anything based on some of your post above.  Chefs I have worked with in Restaurants would normally offer a jacket potato and cheese with salad. But also clearly take no responsibility or comeback. Or just wouldn’t take the risk at all.

Oil used to cook Onion Bhaji's will be ok if they are made with Gram / rice flour and freshly ground spices, i do keep my Bhaji oil for further use.

Yes correct they would be fine cooking at home, unfortunately in a TA setting it seems only the Poppadoms that are generally cooked in isolation. There was a few high profile cases of Indian restaurant cross contamination/use of alternative products n the MSM last year, I understand the sentencing is quite harsh as responsibility generally falls on the chefs or owner. I would imagine the word is now finally out amongst the trade that using an unwashed pan/spoon or recycling multiple use oil will possibly land you jail time.

I think CT has already mentioned using Popadom oil is fine, anyone working in the catering industry would be aware you can no longer recycle used oil from multiple use items (Wheat/Gluten/Nuts Restaurants chefs have infact killed with there poor knowledge of cross puduct contamination in the last few years..

Don't know whether you are being sarcastic or not with your post, i am not referring to CTs recent post, he did post a while back when he first got his hut, was certainly not a dig at CTs post.

Nothing Sarcastic in my post UF, I’m deadly serious as it takes a member time and effort to cook, photograph, edit and upload photos in the hope of encouraging others to actively post feedback and cook Bir on the forum. Unfortunately very few active posting/contributing members now exist within the forum., probably less than 5. Without regular contributing members there is no Forum just a source of reference or a MSM style playground.

SoberRat recently returned to posting content on the forum the post was viewed 239 times and myself and only one other member commented on his dedication and effort to provide content. Sad. :( 137 views 0 members commented on the effort to provide content.
 ??? What’s the point in uploading content?

Tandoori Dishes / Re: Tandoori Hut
« on: March 05, 2019, 10:16 AM »
Looks very good CT I’m waiting to get out my Tandoori after building work finished.

No CT, i stopped posting on the other site when there was a 5 or 6 page topic about the length of a grain of rice, i do post on here sometimes when i feel the need but of late the recent topics on here have not interested me one bit. Also been busy with work and still selling curries to my customers and now 2 cafes.

I agree a curry forum that don’t concentrate on curry anymore. CT has just posted a complete Tandoor photo journal with one member commenting on it his efforts. Waste of his time posting if I’m honest.

Pictures of Your Curries / Re: King Prawns Curry Night.
« on: March 03, 2019, 03:50 PM »
What recipe are you using for your vindaloo these days LC

Leftovers Sunday.
Image hosting by

Andy if I was going to follow a recipe it would probably be anything CT, SL, JB I’m not a fan of members who take original content make a small change to a dish and call it their own creation. Previously Guilty as charged myself. Nowadays I concentrate more on fresh ingredients, whole spice and flavour, something you touched on in your recent post.

Pictures of Your Curries / King Prawns Curry Night.
« on: March 02, 2019, 07:09 PM »
Inspired by our new members I knocked up a King Prawns Curry Night, welcome everyone and I look forward to reading all your upcoming posts.

King Prawn Vindaloo

Image hosting by

Cooking out My Vindaloo paste.

Image hosting by

Base Sauce

Image hosting by

Prawn king Prawns dry Bhuna Madras.

Image hosting by

King Prawns Vindaloo.

Image hosting by

Onion and Ginger Pilau

Image hosting by

Image hosting by

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Re: BIRexit
« on: March 02, 2019, 03:55 PM »
Test post. I keep gettin database error...

Check your launguage setting is set to English British it should fix your issue.

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