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I made this base tonight. Excellent results in a simple lamb bhuna.

The video looks the business, I'm looking forward to trying this one - I've never cooked a base for so long. Are there any accompanying curry recipes? I had a quick look and couldn't see any.

Hi All

I am about to do a new batch of base curry, who recommends what sauce!!!!!!, i think this may be an interesting POST?


Hi Andy

Welcome to the forum! I hope you're enjoying your curry cooking attempts so far. In my mind,  Bruce Edwards base sauce recipe is the best starting point. It's very well described, gives you some history on the subject, and yields an excellent result.

After trying this, it's just a case of reading around and seeing what others like. A lot of people, myself included have felt the need to post their own base recipes, whilst still on a learning curve. This can lose the truly great bases due to sheer volume of recipes. Try to use popular recipes by long standing members and steer clear of any recipes that are ambiguous in any way. Other than that, stick to the recipes and enjoy!

I've made hundreds of base batches using tens of recipes from the site and I always revisit Bruce Edwards base, CA's base and SnS' June 2008 base . They're all very easy to follow and provide great results!

I hope this helps! ;D

Certainly have not tried the base and I don't think i've read the thread either :o . Don't know how i missed this one :-\.  That'll give me something to do later on ;D

You need to get on it, I've got a batch just now and am really enjoying it.  ;D

I just hit this again today, after not knocking up a base in some time. I went to the Indian cash and carry and replaced all my ageing spices with new ones. What a delicious result!

The bad thing about forums is that quality content gets lost in day to day discussion. I see this thread hasn't been posted in for "at least 120 days". This has to be one of the best bases for someone starting off as it's so well explained, and delivers great results. This is one of those bases I'll always revisit.

Good lord that looks hot! :o and tasty! ;D

Stew, that looks delicious! Looks so close to BIR for a home spun recipe. Need to give it a shot! Love the great big chilli in the pic! ;D

Yeah, definitley try one takeaway portion by itself. I think you'll be surpsrised by the difference! ;D

It was unanimously voted thoroughly magnificent by 8 attending dinner guests, and I have to say, I was pretty gobsmacked myself.

Nice one Dave! When you cooked for 8, did you make several batches of curry? I always find that only one large portion per pan is possible before the results start to suffer. It's large enough for 2 people though as long as they're not really big eaters.

Traditional Indian Recipes / Re: Cooking with BJ
« on: November 07, 2010, 09:53 PM »
I just can't wait to get my lips around some of his offerings! This is the funniest post since that Pakistani recipe site.

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