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House Specialities / Re: Andhra Chicken using CA base
« on: January 18, 2020, 09:21 PM »
Many thanks for the (somewhat belated !) feedback, Agniology; much appreciated.
** Phil.

Just Joined? Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello all.
« on: January 18, 2020, 03:49 PM »
Welcome aboard, Bob.  Don't forget to post your recipes if this evening's meal lives up to expectations.
** Phil.

Well,  I live in the countryside (by choice) and so feel that I should be willing to share it with its natural inhabitants (inc. Ratty).  Rats may well be a problem in towns, but in the countryside they are (IMHO) just a part of the natural ecosystem ...

Yes, I have half a dozen of those, and two larger versions for Ratty and his friends ...

I always do the same with moribund bees, Ghoulie, but being the trusting creature that I am, I put the sugar water in the palm of my hand and let them drink from that, because I find that the warmth of my hand is conducive to their regaining their strength more quickly (I revive mice the same way — at least, those I can rescue from the cat before it is too late !).  There really is nothing like the sight of a revived bumble bee (or little mouse) taking off for pastures new after a little TLC !

Jesus Christ.  There are some stories that I just won't read, and that is one of them [1].  Another one on which I lit yesterday was "Gorilla shot dead with submachine gun after being burned in zoo fire", and also the earlier story about a gorilla (Harambe) who was shot dead after carrying a boy (who had entered his enclosure) up a ladder out of the moat into which he (the boy) had fallen onto dry land.  I weep for the animals, and I despair for those members of the human race who are capable of such actions.  I do not dispute for one second that the policeman who machine-gunned the burning gorilla believed that his actions were in the gorilla's best interests, and perhaps they were, but nonetheless, what an awful way for an innocent creature to die.

** Phil.
[1] On the other hand, I had no qualms about reading this one, about a man who killed a dog-poisoner by ramming him against a wall with a car.

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Just Joined? Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi Everyone, just joined.
« on: January 11, 2020, 06:01 PM »
Not something I have ever considered, Dicky.  At home in mid-Cornwall, all our drinking water is a by-product of our dehumidifiers, simply because the iron content of the local mains water is so high that it stains everything with which it comes into contact.  But with the possible exceptions of 5-star+ establishments such as Veerasawmy's in Regent Street, I cannot imagine that many (if any) restaurants do more than just to take their water from the tap.  Bottled water is certainly cheap enough (£1 for five litres, or thereabouts) for me to give it a try, but I am not really hopeful that I will be able to detected the difference.

Welcome about, by the way.  While I have never experienced Adil's, I have eaten a fair amount of BIR in Birmingham, mainly during three years or so starting in or around 1975.  The restaurant I used to frequent (the Maharajah, on Smallbrook Queensway) claimed at the time to be the first to have a genuine tandoor, but whether that was "first in Birmingham", "first in the UK", or just "first in Smallbrook Queensway" I was never sure !

** Phil.

No argument from me. I wasn't suggesting it was you quibbling Phil. Just a turn of phrase in general.  The fact is we won't know the full implications for some time and all we need to know is the number is huge.  My eldest daughter spent today volunteering in a warehouse in Sydney with 300 other people and their sewing machines sewing survival garments and pouches for injured and orphaned animals. It's on again tomorrow. There are workshops where people are building habitat survival boxes for possums and tons of carrots and sweet potatoes are being air dropped to feed critical colonies of wallaby.
It is both heart-warming and reassuring to know that people do care, and are willing to help in this way.

Possibly the most amazing thing is the apparent knowledge and unusual behaviour exhibited by some koala. These wild animals seem to know that humans can help them. They willingly seek out and approach for aid and comfort.

That is indeed amazing, and there is at least one (probably many many) videos on Youtube of animals seeking help in such circumstances, and even of wild animals helping other animals of other species ...

** Phil.

Who is going to quibble over whether or not the figure is 100% accurate? Even 50% accuracy is still a complete disaster.

I'm not quibbling, Livo — I love all wildlife, and the thought of just one innocent creature burning to death, unable to escape, fills me with horror, and I agree that "50% accuracy is still a complete disaster" — in view of the possible numbers involved, I would put that as "even one percent is still a complete disaster", but I do think it irresponsible of Professor Dickman to quote figures of "in excess of one billion" when there is so much uncertainty involved in the calculation.  The pictures are heart-breaking, and I would be the last person on earth to suggest that the good Professor is making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but I would think better of him if he also placed some error bounds on his calculation.

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