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Cooking Equipment / aluminium pan ?1.50
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:34 PM »
While i was in tesco today collecting my santuko knife could not resist this offer 8)
not sure if its a national thing or what the store i went to was canal rd bradford.
they are 24cm nonstick aluminium pans and for ?1.50 i dont think you can go wrong ;)

Cooking Equipment / Re: Tesco knife sale
« on: March 08, 2012, 12:57 PM »
Just bought my large santuko knife :)
its not often you can get a knife with your name on it  :D

Cooking Equipment / Re: Dadibhais Omelette Pans
« on: March 08, 2012, 11:28 AM »
Cheers uncle frank.
This place is only two mins away from my work didnt even know it existed :o
will definately be having a nosey and for the sake of a fiver think i will buy one of those pans been using a wok so been wanting to give these a blast. :D

Curry Base Chat / Re: How many members are "Cooking on Gas"
« on: March 06, 2012, 02:28 PM »
 >:(Electric hob  >:(

Thanks jerryM,
That answers my questions perfectly,
1/I dont have a good relationship witH a t/a or restaurant but the 2nd stage cooking i will try.
2/I have an electric hob and have been using a wok and rosle spatula,i have bought a spoon but dont like the abrasivness off it in the pan it makes me cringe ::)
3/sauces or pastes i have never tried,so one to investigate any recomendations greatly appreciated.
4/is also something for me to look into

It is a dark and murky path though trying to acheive this taste especially for a perfectionist borderline OCD like myself i dont cope well with not being able to do/acheive something it drives me mad >:(
my wife thinks im nuts  :o
but loves eating my experiments ;D


a lot of other things take precedence over this ie have a bigger impact on BIR taste.

Hi jerryM in terms of precedence what would you say the more important things are??


Its certainly worth visiting if your in the bradford area ELW.
Usual inner city precautions to be taken though dont leave anything on show in the car etc.
after all it is bradford not belgravia. ;D

Thanks jerrym and paulp for your advice as i work in bradford i will have a nosey in some of the local asian supermarkets and cash and carrys although i am sure i will be greeted by some strange looks from the locals ;D    I will see what the availability is and take it from there.
you are right paulp when you say the SNS did not use any pre mixed powder so this will be a totally new and exciting project for me.
looks like i will have to restock my spices and consider grinding my own from seed i will make some of these mixes and see if it makes a differance to the final dish.

Thanks for that PaulP

I will  give it a try.

I have been happy for a while using the SNS june base and the matching madras but it looks like i have the bug again so time to start experimenting i think ;D

hi all
hope you dont mind me asking but
whats the verdict on this then?

Is it worth a try?

Does it bring us any closer to the BIR taste?

Thanks in advance.

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