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Lets Talk Curry / Re: Recipes that made me BBC
« on: September 29, 2018, 10:59 AM »

I’m on a quest to find a good preprepared  Dhansak Masala. I’ve searched high and low in London, including all the grocers in Brick Lane as well as West and South London without success. The Asian cook shop in Braintree doesn’t stock it. Looks like it’s back to the pestle and mortar.

Try Patel Bros in Tooting.
They sell the mangal box masala online through their sister company.
They're the big shop opposite the zebra crossing on the main drag.

Bhuna / Re: Baseless (chicken) bhuna
« on: August 21, 2018, 08:24 PM »
That's more like it!
Cheers Phil  :)

Bhuna / Re: Baseless (chicken) bhuna
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:24 PM »
No problem Phil, if you already have the book then leave the editing.
I wanted it to be a single copied page per PDF page rather than a double photocopied page that you have to zoom in to.
I read all my ebooks on an 8" tablet so not easy to read.
One day I'll have an A4 sized tablet  ;)

Bhuna / Re: Baseless (chicken) bhuna
« on: August 21, 2018, 02:13 PM »
I have a book you might be interested in Phil, but its such a pain to read that if you have the time, I'd be grateful if you could edit it into a more easily readable format.

Cheers, Frank.

I'm using the Ashoka as an example as its something to point at regarding your idea. I never said Ashoka restaurants were representative of anything in terms of Punjabi bir in the West of Scotland. They don't even have the same flavour across their own restaurants, I'm not sure this can even  be done when cooking individual curries.
Whilst on the Ashoka recipes, if you look at the quantities of g&g used , that might point to why you don't like the the curries here. And if you have the time compare this to the many Bengali bir recipes(not the gravies) on here and you may have your
 answer, garlic paste, or chopped garlic and no ginger at all in the curry, for certain dishes.

As for Pakistani restaurants not catering for western palates, a relative newcomer was top of Trip Advisor for "Indian restaurant" in Glasgow city centre, for a couple of years. I've never saw anyone of Asian descent in there in my life.Who are they catering for you reckon?
Finally the most well known Pakistani restaurant in Glasgow, possibly Scotland, claims to have ' invented the tikka masala"
Bull or not, If that's not catering for Western palates, I don't know what is.

Here you go again with the same argument.
Just because the owner might be from Pakistan, doesn't make his restaurant a Pakistani restaurant.
What were you and all the other non asians in for?
Nihari or haleem?
Perhaps some paya?
People don't go to a Pakistani restaurant for chicken tikka masala.  ::)

As for the garlic and/or ginger, it has nothing to do with the amount. I always overload my own curries and the taste is fine because I fry it.
I know the difference between fried and boiled and I also have no problem adding juliennes of ginger late on.


I was hoping you would be able to back up your generalization, but as you haven't it will remain your own opinion or idea which is fair enough but incorrect for any forum members reading. I used the Ashoka recipes for a reason as on the face of it  they are legitimate Punjabi bir recipes, of which there are many but not available on here. Your palette test is neither here nor there unfortunately, as is curryisnice


Aren't you doing exactly the same ELW?
You keep using the  Ashoka as though they are representative of the thousands of BIR's in Scotland (which they are not) simply because they're Punjabi.
That would be the same as saying every hamburger restaurant in the states tastes like McDonald's because they're American.  ::)

It also reminds me when I asked the question on here a few years back, Why is there so much turmeric used in BIR?
Curryking replied saying it was a normal amount and that his wife should know because she's Indian.  ;D ::)

Whether Ashoka is a chain has nothing to do with it, its your idea that Punjabi bir chefs add raw g&g to curries right across the board that's wrong. As there's hardly any Punjabi bir information on this forum, I wonder how you arrived at this idea. Have you been in many Punjabi kitchens? Do the many Pakistani kitchens in th be west of Scotland, Chuck everything  in also?


I think Ashoka being a chain is very relevant.
Any restaurant chain will employ techniques to make themselves unique and stand out from the run of the mill high street eateries.
Perhaps (in their opinion) pre frying G/G paste is one of them.

I dont need to read anything on a forum, nor do I need to have visited Punjabi kitchens to detect boiled G/G paste. I have taste buds and a good palette.

Pakistani restaurants in my experience do not cater for the western masses. So no, I dont believe they chuck it all in which is why I choose to eat at these place over any Scottish BIR.

Ashoka recipes, on this forum since 2008, Punjabi all day long, using a 3 in 2, in favour of  garlic pre fried g&g paste in the dish, :o using a gravy which could be from anywhere. To be expected from CURRYISNICE, as he has clearly read very little on here before posting. Thought you may have came across this after over a thousand posts though.


I do know about Ashoka and all the posts on this forum but Ashoka is a chain and will have their trademark flavour.
Pre frying G/G with or without turmeric isn't a standard practice across the board in any part of the UK.
But chuck it all in with the gravy seems the norm in the west of Scotland and that's the flavour I taste and dislike.

I thought I got lucky a few years back spotting a staff curry on the menu from the Taj Mahal gourock, but sadly it was the same raw G/G paste coming through again.  ::)

 Ere, CURRYISNICE, you been copying my homework?  ;D

Since living in Scotland for the past 4 or 5 years, I must've been to at least 40 odd curry houses. Be it takeaway or restaurant.
They all have (bar one or two) the same flavour to their savoury curries.
And I put it down to the G/G paste not being fried at the start of each dish.

It would be the same as trying to make a tomato sauce for pasta and blending the onions and garlic with tomatoes instead of frying everything individually.
You end up with gazpacho. A completely different flavour.

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