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watch it on youtube for a better experience. I hope you guys get something from this video, wish i had watched this years ago.
This is 1 of 2 videos, this is Sam cooking the other is close up on the pan.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / i have seen it all now.
« on: August 28, 2013, 09:03 PM »
if i join this site and call my self abdulacan and say i have a takeaway AND i will post it all here. How many of you would be like (oh my god) i have to watch  look and cook what this guys says? sheep?
there are guys on this forum that put a post day after day. and HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE HOW TO MAKE A CURRY, good with the keyboard though.

Thanks guys glad you are enjoying the videos.

Hi H4ppy
If you keep the little bulbettes, dry and re plant them you'll end up with the one clove garlic bulbs.
The same as you can buy in Lidl (in a basket).

Further on, if you re plant those, you'll end up with your original large Elephant Garlic again.

I'm a huge fan of the one clove garlic and garlic greens in curries.

cheers Chewy

Cheers Chewy, so in 2 years the little bulbettes will be big heads of garlic. SWEET. Do you grow any?

Please watch the short video. I have grown this and just dug it up and some little bulbs have grown on the sides, what do i do with them?


Thanks for having a bit of fun guys  :) There is 1 winner so far.

Hi I am new to this forum but I must say i am so impressed with this site. As a lover of currys for many years I never thought i could unlock that takeaway taste but thanks to you I am sure i can crack it.

I been trying a new curry house, the curries are amazing in taste but leak alot of liquid it looks like water just wondering why is this and is there a reason this happens.

Do they fill the container to the top?

If I win, Chris, when can I expect my prize?

When it's ready! but you have to win first!

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