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Looking great Bob. Coincidence or not, last night made a Cod Tikka Pakora and while I am not even a big fan of fish, it scored very high among the best food I've ever produced at home. Given the simplicity, it's likely to become a staple of the house.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Three baltis
« on: March 11, 2014, 09:32 AM »
Regardless Gav, your curries look spot on to me! Well done mate.

Spelling has been fixed, but I'll gladly stand by your request.

One reason why TAs leave the pan empty on top of the stove is that on occasion the pans come up straight from being washed and aren't fully dried up. This helps evaporate some of the moisture, which, if in excess, could result in sputtering once the oil is added. I don't know if there is any other reason for it, but I do it out of convenience, i.e have the pan on while I'm still getting the last bits ready. I have watched a BIR owner (not chef) do the same in Birmingham and have it even caught on a video, though I'm not sure if I am allowed to share it.

And, gonc, show me one of your curries I would be happy to be served in a BIR

I'll keep that thought in mind next time I'm cooking a curry.  "Must please garp" or refuse to cook curries, perhaps? ::)

If you are truly interested, you can see pic#1 and pic#2 of two recent curries whose photography I am pleased with.

Unfortunately for me, I have a bit of an ego and feel compelled to reply to your "defying" comments every time. It's a strange chemistry, I have to be honest.

Thanks everyone!

Maybe a bit heavy on the Garlic/G&G for me, but it certainly looks like your Jal Frezi's coming on fine there Gonzalo ;)
Should probably add this to your curry journey thread.

Curious to know what happened on your Brummy visit? :)

I am still quite newbie to the chef spoon dipping, so I agree, though I don't really think it was overly noticeable :) The visit to birmingham was interesting in several ways. I have a lengthy report on our experience at Kushi, which I am going to share on all the 3 forums when finished, but as I have been busy studying for an important exam coming up next Tuesday, I haven't had a chance to polish/finish the write up yet. It currently weights in at about 2500 words, almost like an epic, as Rob puts it. He is also going to add some bits to it as well. There is a few recipes and potential a few videos (at least one is guaranteed)

Here's a place in birmingham that makes 4 naans for 1euro (granted they are a bit like yorkshire pudding texture wise)

I thought Goncalo had permanently gone to the dark side. Of what I've seen of his/her cooking, I wouldn't advise any newcomer to follow his/her advice  8)

8)  ::)
Warning: garp has never tasted my food and he is judging me based on some less attractive pictures that I have posted of my curries (Note that this is entirely his opinion and he has refrained from clarifying why it was so "disgusting" as he puts it.) I know the visual aspect of a curry can be important in a community where the smell and taste cannot be attached, but often bears little direct relevance when to the taste or smell of the dish you cooked. Garp is known in the community for being (moderated), claiming with his introduction to have over 25 years of experience, but clearly showing to know much less than what he likes to boast about.

Furthermore, I am not afraid to expose my experience in front of a stove, which is slightly over 1 year old. But hey, if this forum had an option to ignore people (moderated), I am sure a number of other users would enjoy visiting this forum more often and live less on the "dark side" as you put it. Apologies to everyone for derailing the topic and carry on.

Perhaps worth noting, Rob, that Kris Dhillon does not pre-fry her ground chillies at all; they go into the boiling base at the same time as the salt and the chicken, yet there is no vestige of raw chilli in the final dish.

I could see how some people may prefer to do this as there is some experience to be gained in properly frying spices. You can easily burn them to the point where their taste goes from spicy/fragrant to burnt bitterness, or undercook them and get that bitterness/rawness and occasionally leading to gi tract pains. Unlike with Kris Dhillon's method, which does not cook the spices properly and hence won't effectively burn them (provided there is enough water, that is)  and does instead infuse the flavour in the sauce/water content, which is far more easy to explain for home-amateurs and gives acceptable results.

Just Joined? Introduce Yourself / Re: hi guys.
« on: November 22, 2013, 12:48 AM »
thanks for your replies guys, Goncalo, I fairly new to curries and I would struggle to give your an accurate describtion of its taste, or I couldn't tell you what the base is, sorry, best I can do is take a picture next time I get it. and Naga, i'll have a look at that one, also I had a good look through the site last night and really like the look of all CAs curries including the base, i'll give that a go next week and let you know my results, cheers again, bob.

No problem Bob. I had a quick look at their takeaway pamphlet and just-eat section. On the just eat they just mention the basic ingredients, but on the pamphlet, the jalfrezi comes after the "naga mirchi"  and is described as "fruity hot with fresh chillies", perhaps they use some mr naga in addition to the chillies? just giving you some possible ideas on where to take your detective work to. Mr. naga is known as being a common addition to the Jalfrezi in several TAs.

Just Joined? Introduce Yourself / Re: hi guys.
« on: November 21, 2013, 12:13 PM »
Hi Bob,

I'm a big fan of Jalfrezi too (in fact, it's the dish I buy/cook the most.) My favourite restaurant in Cambridge "Meghna", used to make it with a depth of flavour that really made jalfrezi stand out. It was very moreish. It was so good that it was almost sexy. I haven't found a single jalfrezi recipe on this site (or the others) that lives up to this standard. Perhaps in order for us to help you further, you could start by describing what the jalfrezi from Saffron in Norwhich tastes like, post a picture if you have one and what your experience is (i.e what base gravy, is it a tikka jalfrezi, etc)?

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