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So do you think bread making is hit and miss or a pure fluke, with regards to kneading?, when is it over or under kneaded?
No definitely not.  Under kneaded will not have any (or insufficient) gluten network to trap gasses and cause rise upon heat or fermentation.  Over kneading, particularly with strong flour, will generate too much gluten for the purpose and create a rubbery elastic dough that is too difficult to work with plus the end result will be chewy.

Chris's recipe needs minimum kneading. I think it may be more down to the cooking in a pizza doofer.

Exactly Garp. My thought was that I may have over kneaded it, producing too much gluten and making the bread tougher than it should be.  I watched an Indian girl make naan and she was so gentle with mixing that I'm surprised it formed any gluten at all.

The thing is that my naan does not have the flavour of shop bought naan.  My naan is nice to eat and the second batch is better in texture but it tastes like a cooked pizza base, ie white flour bread.  I read that some are flavoured with "Rose Water" or "Khus (vetiver)".  I wonder if that is it.

Of course it may just be the flour.  Whenever I've asked anybody I am just told "Oh no. Just ordinary flour". Interestingly I just found this on a flour mill site.

Atta Flour : Produced through a combination of different streams of flour in the mill to deliver a product suitable for use in naan bread manufacture. 
Atta Flour 12%:   A darker, fine grade flour with high fibre that is obtained from high protein wheat used in unleavened Indian foods.

I also just read the thread by SP here that says the BIR restaurant he visited used "Elephant SR Atta flour" here,,13151.msg108010.html#msg108010

There is no doubt that Atta flour, being whole grain flour will have more flavour.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Balti Chicken Madras 2 ways
« on: September 21, 2014, 12:14 AM »

just to be clear - base is used in the BIR version where as the book version produces its own.

That is correct.  The Book version is so easy.  You basically combine the Tomato, LJ, water and powdered spices in a bowl then leave it.  Cook your onion and chicken with the other stuff then add the contents of the bowl.  The sauce will contain onion pieces as small as you cut them but it was a very tasty dish and was better the following day.

Also note that I used Kashmiri Chilli (Degi Mirch) and only 1/2 the quantity specified and it was hot enough for me.  If you like chilli use the full amount.

I'll scan the page and post the image for you.  Hope copyright isn't a problem here for you mods. If it is let me know and I'll PM it to you or anybody who wants it.  Scan is very big on the web page. Scroll over to the right to see the Madras recipe or right click and save it / print it.

I have a mate who is of Greek descent and the best lamb I have ever eaten is slow cooked in low heat for hours.  It was presented in a curry type sauce at his daughter's 21st birthday celebration and my stomach wasn't big enough for my mouth's pleasure.  I will ask his wife for the recipe and let you know how to prepare it. although it was large pieces of meat off the bone.

Here is a link to an article / recipe I have used before.  Tweek it to your own requirements and you will be surprised at the result.

Long and slow for lamb definitely.  I cook shoulders and legs at 120'C for a minimum of 7 hours but preferably 8. In the oven at 10.00am, and definitely no later than 11.00am, to have it cooked by 6.00pm.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Re: The Referendum
« on: September 20, 2014, 09:51 AM »
Appears there is some unease up there over the result.  I do hope that it doesn't escalate into unnecessary and pointless violence where innocent people are injured.  Hardly surprising though, when people get passionate about something as far reaching as a change in ideology. It was always going to be divisive no matter which way it went really.

We can only hope that the unrest settles soon.

It wasn't too old at all. I'll try some new stuff.  My naan is rising and puffing up into bubbles but it just isn't soft and there is a flavour difference.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Slow Cooker
« on: September 20, 2014, 12:34 AM »
I use mine for cooking lamb, usually about 5 hours to get the lamb really tender.



Are you using it in Slow-cooker mode?  In Pressure mode "Curry" on my model, I can produce fall apart lamb in under 1/2 an hour.  My cooker has 9 different mode settings and variable time under all of them barr slow-cooker which is pre-set to 8 hours and saut? which is up to the user to control manually.

There is still more to it for me.  I haven't found the taste or fluffiness that comes from the shops.
Water Vs Milk, Yogurt or not? Plain white wheat flour or actual Indian Maida Flour. 

I spent a few years baking my own bread and have read up extensively on baking ingredients and techniques.  My naans still need something.  I'll buy a Tawa and build a Tandoor soon but I still think there is something else.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Re: The Referendum
« on: September 20, 2014, 12:25 AM »
Without knowing a whole lot about any of you fellas up there, I'd hazard a guess that mebe old Phil McAvity there is taking the P out of you highlanders with a bit of sarcasm.  By the way I'm a Livingston so watch your step Phil. ;D ;)

It is actually funny to hear a Scot accusing a Pom of "Racism". It is also funny to hear a Pom whining about whinging Scots. down hear in upside down world we refer to Whinging Poms because they constantly remind everybody of how much better it is at home.

Racism is a funny word and often misused. At the moment down here the Muslim community is accusing the non-Muslim community of being racist.  The thing is even if there is a controversy between these two groups, it has naught to do with RACE.  There are Anglo-Saxon Muslims (my fishing mate is one) and there are Asian Christians.

Just sayin'.

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