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Tandoori Dishes / Re: CTM - Chicken Tikka Masala
« on: June 17, 2007, 08:40 PM »
1 tsp garlic & ginger puree
3 Large ladles of curry gravy (Will clarify how much exactly)
1 portion pre-cooked chicken tikka (3 or 4 chicken breasts)

Ok, I have four questions having read this thread.  The first is, is that 1 tsp or garlic puree and 1 tsp of ginger puree, or is that 1 tsp total of garlic and ginger puree mixed together?  The second refers to the ladle size again.  Would I be correcty in guessing that 3 large ladles is about 500ml?  The third question is relating to the pre-cooked chicken tikka.  Which recipe for cooking this is probably the best one?  And lastly, I assume that I can use Darphs curry base to make this, as I have made loads of that and living on his rather too tasty madras for the last few weeks!?  Sorry to ask loads of questions, but I am new to all this curry cooking, and a mate of mine loved the madras so much that he challenged me to make a ctm (yes you read that right, he challenged me!), and also I am only using normal cooking utilities, how I would love one of those clay oven thingys, but they are too dear to justify spending out on one, much as I would like.

« on: June 06, 2007, 08:03 PM »
I has tasted every bit as good as it looks for the last three nights!  ;D  I practically followed the instructions to a tee, except that I left out the chilli powder in the base, for future use in case I want to make a milder dish.  I ebbed on the side of caution with the oil, if it said 600 - 700 ml, then I went for 600.  I took my time to make sure that I peeled each clove on the garlic and grated and chopped everything nice and fine.  If I was to rate it out of 10, then this is the first time that I can say hand on heart, I would give it a 10.   My only critism if any is that I like my curries a little bit hotter, but then as I mentioned I left the chilli powder out of the base on purpose, so that is no reflection on the dish itself, merely an observasion that next time I shall probably add that.  It was full of flavour and has gone down a real treat with me, so much so that I dont want to share any now as I want it all for myself!  I also think that the base looked great on its own, a nice chunky veggie stew, until it was all blended up anyway!

« on: June 05, 2007, 09:09 PM »
Do you know that is the first time that someone has said wow to one of my pictures.  On other forums that I frequent I am notorious for taking really crap pictures, and they are pretty awful, but the curry does indeed taste great.  I am going to have more tonight now (That was not my intention, but what the hell).  Maybe it was that I was inspired, or maybe you shouldnt see my outtakes!  ;D

Many thanks Mike, I look forward to trying some new dishes, as well as many tried and tasted ones.  I know that my brother is particularly fond of Mossala Dosa, so hopefully there is a recipe here for that somewhere, I have not looked yet, there is just too much to choose from.  I am going to get so much fatter!

« on: June 05, 2007, 08:03 PM »
Well, I have just tried this recipie over the weekend, and I had disasterous results first time round, probably because I was too drunk, and I started off by burning everything (I let the oil get too hot).  Sooo, Saturday was wasted, as well as me, so I binned the mess and started again Sunday.  Whoopie, this time round I was not so drunk, so all went really well.  Really simple to follow, the only thing that I was a little unsure of was how much oil to start with (I assumed it was all of it) and then how long to cook the spices for before adding the rest of the stuff (I again assumed it would be just a few minutes).  It turned out really well, except that I had missed off an ingrediant for stage three, so that was the end of Sunday.  Monday I went to the shop and ensured that I had everything that I needed this time, so Monday night was to be curry night!  I had no problems with the next two stages, and I must admit that I was well impressed with the end result.  It was pretty much the perfect curry!  Whereas I like my curry hotter than hot, I am a phall or vindaloo man usually, I do also like milder curries every so often, and also figured that many people would be trying my newly found recipe, so I omitted the chilli powder from the base, but the result is still a really nice flavourful curry that tastes every bit as great as it should do.  I think that my local takeaway will miss me.

Here are some pics:

This was the start of the base, as also shown below.

That was the base when it was nearly finished, just before I blended the whole lot.

That was the base after I blended it.  I followed the recipe pretty exact, so you can see just how much it makes (enough for me and maybe one other).

That was the onions being goldenified before being added to the base in the other pot.

Nearly finnished article.

My final finnished yield, pictured ready to eat, also boxed up ready for the next day and also for freezing.  Also pictured is my favourite side dish in the green can.

I figured that as I had never attempted this before, I would take pictures as I went along just in case I went wrong, that way I could look back and someone may say that I overcood this, or undercooked that, or that so and so was too large, or thingamy was too small etc.  Fortunately after the first disaster, everything was great, and the end result was much better than I was expecting.

Thanks Darth for making me even fatter.

Hello there.  I would just like to start off by introducing myself, hello, and telling you a little about me.  I live in England where we have many fine BIR's, in fact we are pretty spoilt for choice.  A few years back whilst visiting my brother in Canada, I was horrified to find that not only didnt the local indian restaurants deliver  :o  but they also tasted completely different to ours.  Not too bad, but not a touch on ours.  Thus was the start of my quest, to make a curry as good as out takeaways for my brother in Canada, and the birth of a new breed of superhero, Spencerman!  My goal was to seek out that secret that makes a decent british curry.  I have serched high and low, and like many others before me have tried countless recipies, not all bad, but none capturing that 'authentic' taste.

My quest recently did a shap turn after a mate of mine, who had an evening job delivering curries, told me about this pot that was kept on the boil which formed the starting block to all the curries, which I now understand to be the base.  I had never heard of this before, and this is what lead to me searching the internet, and eventually to the end of my quest, here.

I think that having just tried Darths 100% madras, that my quest is now over, and what a nice curry that was.  I am looking forward to trying many others, and hopefully to welcoming my brother to this forum soon.

Many thanks to all who share there knowledge,


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