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Shame I only install domestic cookers and don't fit commercial, this would've been an install with (hopefully?) a happy ending....
Unfortunately the owners' apartment has just had a new (induction) cooker fitted.  It didn't need one -- it had a perfectly good 4-burner gas hob -- but no-one could work out how to turn it on ...

Mind you having worked on just the 'plumbing' in many a takeaway (of all hues.......) this is why I am trying to improve my 'home' cooking. It is scary out there.
I'm quite impressed with the setup at the Westberry -- the extractor fan over the range cooker is interlocked with the gas supply; if the fan stops (or even slows beyond a certain point), the gas supply is immediately terminated with a massive electromagnetic valve ...

** Phil

Yup, familiar with interlocks from fans etc...

It was more the hygiene standards I am concerned about, with giant suitcase sized containers of cooked/then, fried rice, waiting to be refried (again!), no lid, no temp control in a greasy tiled corridor. Still shudder every time I drive past..... admittedly that was the worst that this plumber has seen. no doubt any environmental health officers have a ready store of horror stories!

My wife is looking to replace the existing range cooker at her hotel in Cornwall; can anyone suggest the best place to look for a suitable replacement (spec. as per subject line).  Ideally the gas hob will include twin wok burners, but this is not essential although desirable.  New rather than 2nd-hand.

** Phil.

Shame I only install domestic cookers and don't fit commercial, this would've been an install with (hopefully?) a happy ending....

Mind you having worked on just the 'plumbing' in many a takeaway (of all hues.......) this is why I am trying to improve my 'home' cooking. It is scary out there.

Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Re: Donner in a tin
« on: March 26, 2016, 02:46 PM »
I made this, (no garlic or onion powder to hand though), maybe I did not compress it enough though, maybe some scales weights over night in the can to help?

Not as I remember Donner/doner/donor tasting from any kebab shop though. My son who helped with the final flame grilling says it was the best he has had. Though I would not fancy it at 0200 on a sunday morning (any more)

Lets Talk Curry / Re: New cash & carry in Norwich
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:56 PM »
Shamelessly plagiarised from

ref Anglia Square (the location of this business)

Loocal History

Where Norwich does much of its "sharpen"
Norwich's centre of "loocal" power is Anglia Square (pron: Angla Swear), a beautiful multi-storey mock-Georgian estate building in the "shyte bit" in the North of the city, overlooking the now-empty Matthews Turkey fields. Built in 1770 it features a recently added pleasant 1960's facade, complete with "artwork". During the 2nd Norfolk-Suffolk war, the enemy extensively bombed the city, but sadly missed this bit out, despite the whole population lighting signal fires, shouting and waving flags to attract their attention. The area is also famous for being the home of HMSO or HOMS as it was known in the old days. It made books and stuff and that to export to the clever people who lived far away in the South and North and West.

This shop is on my list to visit ASAP, do they sell the 'Shaheen' pouches of curry base? (mrs Scalexkid is now complaining of the lingering 'aroma' whenever I do a batch, this may offer an alternative, but the P&p is steep if Ebaying it)

Pathia / Re: chicken tikka pathia from the takeaway
« on: February 18, 2016, 10:05 PM »
Not as a take-away, but enjoyed sat down, at the 'Red Mango' tonite, in downtown Naaaaaridge.

This is a 're-vamped' modern, all mood lighting etc with more modern Bangra style music (i.e not a Citar being strangled by persons unknown)

Preceded by the obligatory poppadum with lime pickle, mango chutney and finely sliced onion salad.

Then a quick Rashmee kebab, not over spiced, but following talk on here about 'silky' omelette and mint raita it was OK for a change from the norm (butterflied King Prawn)

The Chicken Pathia had a delightful creamed paler sauce defy not sour as prescribed elsewhere in this sub-section, accompanied with a Peshwari naan, Daal Tarka, aloo Gobi saag and a locally produced citrusy pale ale called 'FAKIR' (i kid you not)

First sit down in over a year, would I go back? err.... yes. sorry if this sounds a little/a lot like a newspaper restaurant review, not too sure it should not be in the restaurant review area, but the Pathia beats a Korma!

Just spent a bundle on Ebay with this lot, 'sweetened' the deal with SWMBO, by including som eVanilla Pods in the order.

is 'spice porn' too strong a description for this addiction/issue/fetish (delete or amend as you see fit.....) we seem to enjoy just a little too much?

Having followed the Mick Crawford base sauce recipe to the letter, mine came out as a mid-brown colour. Certainly the inclusion of what coconut powder and cream lightened it, bit Mrs Scalexkid was not keen on the colour.

Now done three Korma's from it and cannot get it to the BIR Korma yellow colour, reluctant to use food colouring, but is there any other base sauce recipe to follow?

yellow daal?


pale white onions, with no red?

TIA, scalexkid

like the ever boiling stockpot idea phil. but my dad who spent nearly two years in Delhi in 46/7 doing national service in the RAF existed, I suspect, on Corned Beef and Spam and does not see any attraction in spiced food.

so the everlasting aroma (now waning after saturday afternoons cooking session) would not appeal.


Well now, just where do I begin...

Since my first post I have bought a large Stainless Steel pot and lid for base sauce, a mid-size steel frying pan for breads etc, and after what seems an eternity, (sons wedding, a spell away, VAT return to complete etc yada yada) followed Mick Crawford's eBook base sauce recipe and so made a start on my curry journey.

I have discovered that Norwich is not the 'indian' spice merchant capital of the world, and a saturday stroll along the street lined with BIR's took me to two rather different styles of Asian food shop. The first Mr Miah's was a little disappointing, he has been there for years, but he freely admitted that he was undergoing a complete overhaul of his shop and stock, so a hundred yards along was the 'Asian Bazaar'. Just walking in was an assault on my senses, a multitude of languages/accents, aroma's so enticing, vegetables I do not see in the 'farm-shop' places I go to normally, labels and freezer chests with produce from all over the (former) empire. This place has caribbean, West African, Indian sub-contintent goods a go-go.

In all I spent about ?20 on various goodies, still could not get Cassia Bark, or asafoetida and one or two other bits, nor did I see any cooking utensils or those natty round stainless steel multiple spice lidded containers.

Mrs Scalexkid came in and approved of the aroma wafting through so not a bad way to spend an afternoon, shopping & chopping, slicing and dicing, browning and boiling... and then whizzing with a hand blender before turning out 6 tin-foil trays and lids, 2 for prompt use, 4 for freezing.

Korma is about as lively as the missus will stand, and CA's recipe from here worked well, with just plain rice (Delia's perfect rice recipe work OK), and dare I say it some frozen Paratha's from ASDA  rounding it all off.

it looked, smelled, consistencied and tasted like supermarket take-away. A result. Of sorts, got to fine tune just where chicken is sourced (tonite's was catering grade frozen bits), just how much ground almond is added, spice mix after browning (again, tonight's was Shwartz Korma blend) etc.

But, without a doubt a daily read on here , reading of others successes has spurred me on to at least try.


Talk About Anything Other Than Curry / Re: Breakfast with my naan
« on: September 03, 2015, 10:22 PM »
Does that make it a Sausage&Egg McNaan?


I know its an old post. can't see Mrs Scalex ever allowing me one though

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