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So sorry, Gav, I inadvertently modified your post rather than quoting and replying to it.  I have tried to put it back as it was, but please correct any errors I have made in so doing.

What I intended to add in my reply is (1), yes, that is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind (how much, though ?!), and (2) I don't think I ever saw the mobile pizzeria van man in Horsmonden rotate the pizzas (he definitely used a wood-burning oven) but perhaps I just wasn't paying attention.

** Phil.

No problem. If its a oven with a fuel at one side, they have to be rotated otherwise they just burn. Added a better video that explains it better.

The Blackstone Pizza oven was discontinued for some reason. Getting the pizza to be roughly central from the peel launch would be a bit of a skill imo. I've seen someone adapt one of the original ooni's with a microwave turntable motor underneath onto a circular pizza stone. TBH the rotating  of them is easy and adds to the fun of cooking them..

Everybody rotates pizzas in a wood burning oven with an asymmetric heat source.

I started on the Blackstone. Back then, there really wan't much out there to choose from. It is not an easy launch for sure but the trick is to let the pizza just firm up enough that you can get a small peel under it to move it to the centre. And even then, if your pizza isn't perfectly round you need to move it around a bit. There was a guy from Australia who started this approach - it became known as the Dylan shuffle.

Out of the box it wasn't a great oven but there were a few mods worked out quickly that made it much more manageable.

Kenzi-Lopez (SeriousEats) compares the two.

Beyond the budget I know but I have seen some amazing looking Neapolitan pizzas come out of this

and it has the benefit from being able to run indoors (which I would love in winter in Canada). Not sold here...

Wrong on both counts...

Wouldn’t be the first time for me on a curry forum :clown2:

Again, by what has been discussed at length on the pizzamaking forum Neapolitan sub-forum the source of heat has largely nothing to do with the output (pizza). The taste is generated from cooking the high temperatures (750F+). The smoke is all above the pizza in the oven if the oven is convecting properly.

Gas is more convenient and I believe there have been some people who have had issues with the chimney design of the Ooni 3 (you would need to google - I am not sure of my facts here - just a vague recollection).

Any pizza oven is better than no pizza oven and the Ooni is a nice little oven for sure. Just make sure you pick one that gives you a little extra room to work with. Trying to fire a 13 inch pie in a 13.5 inch oven is really hard.

The launch from your peel is trickier than you might imagine. You can't just jiggle the pizza off the peel. It will contract a lot and you will have a pretty small, thick pizza so it's nice to have a little room to give you a margin of error.

All in all, making pizza is more fun than making curry though - IMO. And a lot more challenging as well.

My pizza oven is gas fired. The company is out of business so I can't post a link but it's called a 2stone - if anyone is interested you can google images. It's a stainless upright looking thing.

I've used an Ooni - wood fired. It's a nice little oven but keeping a fire going is quite finicky. It's fine if you are doing one or two pizzas but if you are firing a bunch it gets very busy.  If I was going to get an Ooni I think I'd go gas. They are quite reasonably priced despite what their water bottles cost.

If I were going to buy a pizza oven again I would definitely go for one of these

This guy knows small pizza ovens. Some of the pizzas I have seen cooked in his oven on the Neapolitan sub-forum at are incredible. I would have to beg him to ship one to me but in Europe most of you are all set. Ships from Italy.

Lets Talk Curry / Re: Wagamama Katsu recipe
« on: May 01, 2020, 09:15 PM »
I have been to Japan many, many times with work and I do like the curry. I find the curry cubes are pretty close to what I have eaten in Japan.

When I first started trying to figure out how to make it myself many years ago all the Japanese I asked about it (here and in Japan) said they just use the cubes. Witness the acres of shelf space dedicated to the curry cubes in any Japanese grocery store.

I have my version on glebekitchen if anyone is interested but like I said, the cubes are easy and they work. The recipetineats version looks as good as any if you want to stick to cubes.

If you do use a curry powder, use a Japanese curry powder like S&B.

I've never seen coconut milk in any Japanese recipe FWIW.

From Amazon about volume 1

With over 40 detailed recipes with beautiful photos, this is an essential book for anyone who wants to replicate that "takeaway taste" at home. Covering every aspect of every preparation, from spice mixes to base gravy and breads, and filled with tips and advice, it is the ideal companion for any curry loving chef who wants to replicate that unique British Indian Restaurant taste.

I still think you over-estimate what he earns. I certainly wouldn't do what he did for the money he makes.

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