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Welcome to!  By joining this Forum, you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions of Membership (including the associated "Notes" and "Posting Etiquette").  Please do not join this Forum if you feel you are unable to abide by these Conditions of Membership:

1.  You are solely responsible for the content of your posts.

2.  You indemnify the Owners, Administrators and Moderators of this Forum against any action arising from your posts.

3.  You will not post anything which is false, defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, obscene, profane, sexually orientated, discriminatory, threatening, harassing, or otherwise personally insulting, offensive, objectionable, an invasion of personal privacy, or in violation of any applicable laws

4.  You will not post spam, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, soliciting material, or anything else not in keeping with the intent of this Forum

5.  You will not post any copyright material, unless you are the copyright owner or you have written consent from the copyright owner

6.  By posting material on this Forum, you agree that the Owners, Administrators and Moderators of the Forum may use, kepp, modify, move, lock or delete the material, as they deem appropriate, even if you  no longer remain a member of this Forum

7.  You will not reproduce or disseminate any material found on this Forum, on any other Forum, or on any other media without the written permission of the Owner of this Forum

8.  You will not bring this Forum into disrepute by ridiculing it, or its Owners, Administrators, Moderators or Members, on this Forum, or on any other Forum, or in any other media.

9.  You will otherwise do nothing that is harmful to this Forum, compromises the integrity of this Forum, or otherwise brings this Forum into disrepute

10. You agree to the storage of your personal information necessary to maintain your membership of, and access to, the Forum

11. You will abide by the Etiquette for posting on this Forum (please see below)

12. The Owners of this Forum reserve the right to reveal your identity, and any other related information, in the event of any legal complaint or action arising from your use of this Forum.

13. Your membership of this Forum may be revoked if you violate any of these Terms and Conditions of Membership (including the associated "Notes" and "Posting Etiquette")

14) Rights In Posted Materials: By posting on this message board, you relinquish all exclusive copyrights to any materials you Post and furthermore, you grant non-exclusive, non-revocable worldwide, royalty-free rights to copy, distribute, display, reproduce, modify, adapt, create derivative works, and publicly perform the materials in perpetuity in all forms. This license applies to all works of authorship including, but not limited to, written materials (e.g., text), audio, audio-visual materials, graphics, and images (including, but not limited to, graphics and images used as avatars). You also grant all third parties the right to copy, distribute, display, reproduces, and publicly perform the materials you post under the terms of the Creative Commons License. has the authority to decide to display your postings or not, and you grant the right to modify your posts, remove offensive material, modify your post title to accurately reflect content, remove vulgar comments, remove insults, or delete any other content deemed inappropriate, all at our discretion. This clause will survive even if your membership ceases from the forum.

15.  Understand that when you post here you have granted a non-exclusive license to the content you posted, providing that you hold copyright to the content. Accordingly, you may not remove your content without permission from the site owner. The termination of the non-exclusive license must be agreed upon by both parties. We make regular back-ups of our data base, and reserve the right to restore any content deleted without permission.  In addition All posts on the forum shall become the sole property of and by posting on the forum any Intellectual Property created, herein called 'IPR' (Background and Foreground) shall be transferred and vested in

16.  Membership and use of this Forum implies your continued acceptance of any revised Terms and Conditions of Membership which shall be retrospectively applied from your original registration date.

17.  The Terms and Conditions of Membership may be revised at any time and shall apply to all accounts retrospectively from the date of original registration.   A copy of the current Terms and Conditions of Membership will always be available on the Forum. Please contact the forum administrator for any questions.


a.  Please address any queries you may have to the Forum Administrator.

b.  Continued membership of this Forum implies your acceptance of any revised Terms and Conditions of Membership.

c.  Owners, Administrators and Moderators of this Forum do not confirm the validity of posts, do not actively monitor them, and are not responsible for their content

d.  Views expressed are those of the poster and do not necessarily reflect those of the Owners, Administrators or Moderators of this Forum

e.  Please notify the Administrator or Moderator of the Forum if you feel that a post is objectionable.  If deemed appropriate, they will modify, lock or delete the post as soon as possible

f.  You chose your username as you register.  Please use an appropriate username.  The Terms and Conditions of Membership also apply to usernames and profile information

g.  The Forum software stores a cookie, which stores information such as your username and password, in your browser's cache.  This is used to keep you logged into the Forum.  Aside from your IP address (see below), the software does not collect or send any other information to your computer

h.  Your IP address is recorded with each post.  This is so that your Forum membership can be revoked (or your ISP contacted) for major violation of the Terms and Conditions of Membership

Posting Etiquette:

i.   Posts must only be placed in the correct section of this Forum (e.g. recipes must only be placed it the relevant recipe section)

ii.  Recipes arising from discussions in a general thread must be posted in the relevant recipe section of this Forum and not in the middle of the thread.  A link to the recipe should be posted in the thread

iii. Please refrain from posting simply to increase your number of posts.  Do not post if you are unable to add value to the thread.  Please remember that the number of posts bears no relation to a member's cooking experience

iv.  Please maintain the focus of the thread.  Posts outside the scope of the thread may be modified, moved, locked or deleted.  Please start a new thread where it is appropriate to do so

v.   Be cordial to all other members and afford them the respect and courtesy that you would like them to afford to you.  Profanities and personal insults will not be tolerated

vi.  Please use a descriptive title that adequately describes the content of the thread.  The title is to help other members to decide their interest in the thread.  Don't use capital letters, or other special emphasis, simply to draw attention to the thread

vii. Have fun and enjoy sharing your curry cooking experiences with other members! - Terms and Conditions of Membership (1st November 2007)

Also note that the software places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser's cache. This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.

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