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Tandoori Barbecue Offer - from
« on: September 12, 2006, 03:56 AM »
Welcome to TandooriQ - The ultimate experience in vertical cooking. 

That unmistakable tandoori taste up till now has only been available in the restaurant

Now you can cook Tandoori food in your personal TandooriQ any time of the year in your own home


You can watch a short movie by clicking this link to see how it is done

Normail retail price ?260
Special Offer Price for members ?245

Distributors of The Original Tandoori-Q
Tel: 01225 313219 Mob: 079577630972
King Edward Rd Bath BA2 3PB   
TandooriQ is part of the Web Link UK group
Stash Huchrak Creative Director


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