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Re: East Indian Bottle Masala
« Reply #20 on: December 11, 2018, 05:32 PM »
Hi Livo

Heres what I use, in the UK

I have always known that Caraway is in English cakes and breads, a spice you would get in a health shop.
Back in the day, an Asian or Indian store would not have it or even heard of it.
Today you can get just about anything anywhere.

But just to confirm for you, I dug out my old reference
Spices book, which was my spice learning tool back then.

Different brands available in the UK

Cumin_________________Black Cumin_____________________Kalongi

A good spice book


N.B. I can see this recipe working, for a genuine Bombay curry powder.

Maria Goretti. Her straightforward family recipe

Ingredients to prepare her East Indian Bottle Masala: -

25 gms Bedhki Chillies -
25 gms Kashmiri Chillies -
90 gms Turmeric -
60 gms Coriander Seeds -
28 gms Cumin Seeds -
20 gms Sesame Seeds -
20 gms Poppy Seeds -
15 gms Fennel Seeds -
50 gms Mustard Seeds -
5 gms Black Cumin -
8 to 10 Cloves -
5 gms Cardamom -
5 gms Cinnamon

Method: -
Slowly, dry roast the above ingredients. -
Pound/Grind it into a fine powder. -
Store it in clean air-tight containers.

I will make this up at some stage, as the ratios
make perfect sense. ;)

cheers Chewy

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Re: East Indian Bottle Masala
« Reply #21 on: December 11, 2018, 08:20 PM »
Fantastic discussion. Thanks for the info on Caraway CT. The use of the last sentence in the book description is very common. The formula there will most likely produce a good Bottle Masala as it contains all of the common ingredients and omits the "why not" ones. Common as is in found in common among similar recipes, not as in plain.

Welcome Ghost Face. Not hard to tell that you know a thing or two. Strangely enough the seed that I tasted raw and considered to be the more like eucalyptus oil was the Caraway then followed by Black Cumin and Cumin (not much at all). 

I now accept there are these 4 different seeds (or fruits) used as spices.  The question remains though. Which one is being referred to when these East Indian recipes call for either Shahi Jeera, Black Cumin or Caraway?  There is only one it can't be and just maybe it is the one least expected, ie Nigella Sativa.  Maybe I'll just cross that line out and pretend I don't see it. ;D

Can anyone offer an explanation as to why the chilli in this Masala appears to be neutralised somewhat? It is a regularly claimed characteristic of this Masala and I found it to be accurate.
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