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Shandar Tandoori Blackburn
« on: September 29, 2013, 11:41 AM »
I had originally intended to go to Khyber on Whalley range, but everytime ive walked past (5 or 6 times) its always been empty.  ::)
My brother recommended the Shandar which was just up the road and which his boss (pakistani) had taken him to once before.

This place was also deserted but we didnt want to go traipsing up and down the street so ordered from here.
A wise choice because the food was excellent!

We had sag gosht, korai gosht and a keema special. All come with tandoori roti (small naans in this case) and some yoghurt mint and a generous onion salad.
My brother didnt know what to order at first and pointed out a Jalahander or something. So i put my order in at the counter and the guy said, "this is an english curry, lots of cream and very sweet, all these are english curries" as he pointed to the board.
I forget his actual words but he was basically saying, you dont want anything from this side of the board, youre better off with the Indian curries.  ;D
Who knows the reason why he was putting us off most of the menu, but the curries we did order were fantastic!  8)

The place itself had maybe a dozen formica tables, a typical lunchtime Indian cafe.
During the wait, loads of Asians were in and out picking up takeaways which was a good sign, and eased my mind on first impressions.

Also had an Aloo Paratha which came in a brown paper bag(like they should) and Not in a foil bag.
Probably the best ive had since i was in India! Flaky and crispy, absolutely delicious!  :P

Best curry ive had in Lancashire. ***Recommended***
Cheers, Frank.  :)
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Re: Shandar Tandoori Blackburn
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2017, 10:47 PM »
Hi Frank, Shandars is great but if you have not been to khyber then I would suggest going as its fantastic. Its been around for 50 year and the naans are special. Just avoid the Korma as it is too sweet. My favourite BIR in Blackburn is Bukhara on Preston new road.

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Re: Shandar Tandoori Blackburn
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2017, 09:13 AM »
I was just about to repeat myself until I read my first post. But, even after 4 years and tens of times walking past Khyber, I've still not seen a customer inside.
I will try it next time I go down if only to cross it off the list.
The last few times though I've been going to sultan's. £3.50 for a curry and two roti. Very thin shorva style but a good flavour.
Also good aloo tikki but very greasy.
The other regular place I visit is Mansha sweet centre. Same deal but £4.50 and you have to catch them on the right day of the week depending on what you fancy.
As for BIR's, I've all but given up.  :-\


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