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Just Joined
« on: November 20, 2013, 07:36 PM »
Hi all, I will start by saying what a Great site this is and i am so glad that i stumbled across it! I must be stupid because for the life of me i didn't even think to look on the net for a BIR forum and the sad thing is that i have been trying on and off for a few years now to perfect that BIR taste!  :o
I have had a bit of a look around at the Basic Gravies and i must admit that i wasn't a million miles away through my own persistence but as you all know, that little tweak, wrong ingredient, or just too much of something will have you hitting your head against the bloody wall!  :(
Anyway, once again, really glad i found you all and really looking forward to learning and trying out all your ideas.
CA's post's are my 1st port of call tomorrow as they look like the place to start.

Thanks in advance all  :)  ;) 


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