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hello - specific restaurant recipes
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:06 AM »
Hi there peeps and thanks for the add  :)

I've been bashing away for 30 years experimenting with various different curry recipe's and have been using the base sauce and spice blend methods for the last 15 years in search of the holy grail.
Having briefly browsed your fascinating forum and website for the last couple of hours I can't wait to really take a much more in depth look at existing recipe's and continue to research my favourite pastime.

I've just a couple of questions for existing members as I can't see anything about it off the bat and which could save me loads of time considering there is so much information here to begin to absorb.

Q. is there a thread or post which identifies specific curry houses in the UK and attempts to recreate some of their most popular dishes?
for example most of you will have seen the Rick Stein recipe for Lamb Spinach Karahi. borrowed directly from Mumrez Khan at The Karachi in Bradford.

My current favourite restaurant of choice is Akbars, also in Bradford, and specifically their Lamb Karahi.
But there are loads more restaurants I love, all over the UK with consistently good dishes that I dream about one day being able to replicate.
Am I living in a fantasy world where these dishes will always remain unattainable for mere mortals like myself, or is there hope and does anyone else feel there could be a top 50 UK currys chart or something like that, with a direct approach to attempting to recreate some of them as close as possible to the original masterpieces themselves.

thanks for listening


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