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Re: BIR cooking method
« Reply #40 on: September 17, 2014, 08:24 PM »
Would appreciate info on what dishes the methods are used.

I know from the Nottingham mogal e azam that garlic Tarka is used in the jalfrezi as it's placed in a serving korahi.

I also know from h4ppy-Chris rogan josh that bay and cinnamon are added into the oil.

I remember chewytikka showing a Tarka but did note it at the time.

Any other dishes or ingredient appreciated.

I have tried whole spice briefly in past but not been thrilled feeling further away from BIR.

I'd like to revisit though.

One specific area was trying whole cumin in balti. I found added to oil whole was too bitty. Brief grinding seemed to loose the effect.  I presume BIR don't pre treat whole spice.

I feel its an area i just don't know enough about.


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