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very tasty base sauce variation
« on: January 25, 2015, 05:24 PM »
This is a variant of jbs superb base sauce which admittedly is far more versatile. This is a great finished sauce to use with different spice/meat/veg variations as
it is very concentrated when finished.


Two white onions halved
one green capsicum
one red capsicum
1/4 block of creamed coconut
big bunch of coriander stalks
A whole 6 inch carrot
1 tbs salt
2 tbs white sugar
2 tbs turmeric
1 tbs chilli powder
200g plum tomatos
150g garlic ginger paste
100ml vegetable oil
Good squeeze of jif lemon, about 4 seconds

Place all ingredients in a large pot and cover ingredients just to the top with water

Put a lid on and boil on a high heat until carrot has softened

Blend to a smooth sauce

As i say its a very tasty general sauce to use and all credit to jb for this in the first place, this sauce is different to taste because of the sugar, chilli and lemon juice, and slight difference in quantities. I would say this is good for medium to hot curries and adds a little something...but the original is certainly the all rounder of base gravies imo
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