Author Topic: quest for a 'less brown,more yellow' coloured base sauce, for a korma.  (Read 2341 times)

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Having followed the Mick Crawford base sauce recipe to the letter, mine came out as a mid-brown colour. Certainly the inclusion of what coconut powder and cream lightened it, bit Mrs Scalexkid was not keen on the colour.

Now done three Korma's from it and cannot get it to the BIR Korma yellow colour, reluctant to use food colouring, but is there any other base sauce recipe to follow?

yellow daal?


pale white onions, with no red?

TIA, scalexkid

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pale white onions, with no red?
That would certainly help; red onions do indeed impart a very noticeable colour.  George is the korma king -- he may be able to weigh in with some suggestions.

** Phil.
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Try CA's Korma:,3975.msg35972.html#msg35972

I adopted it as my standard and I think it's excellent. Use any base gravy with the recipe and pre-cook your meat - you won't go wrong. :)

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Agree with Naga - CA's Korma is a cracker.

If your base is orangey/yellow, as it should be, then it should produce a finished dish with both flavour and colour which should please Mrs Scalex :)

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You could try Alex's Glasgow curry base sauce (he's got an e-book):

Cooking Time: approx 4hrs
4 Kg Recipe Ingredients:
4 kg Onions (roughly chopped or sliced, unpeeled weight) 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
3L Water (more may be required if necessary)
500 ml Vegetable Oil 1 level Chef Spoon Salt (2tbs) or adjust to taste
1 Chef Spoon Turmeric (2tbs)
? Chef Spoon Garam Masala (1 rounded tsp)
? tsp Chilli Powder
30g Coconut Cream
1 Chef Spoon Tomato Puree (2tbs)
Note: Unless stated, all measures are rounded.

This comes out yellow and is simple to make. But the key for any light coloured base is to use little tomato puree as it's that that mostly colours the base brown.
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