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Lasaan, Northampton
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:54 PM »
My favourite Indian place in Northampton is Lasaan
Awsome food, good wine, excellent service and very friendly atmosphere) Every visit is a holiday :) Take aways are also available

As for me, it is much better than Saffron the Tiffin Cup winner of this year:  ooops, of the past year already :)
I do not say that it is awful, but getting worse, my last visit about two months ago was a disappointment, especially in service :-\ Probably, the result of superiority complex...

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Re: Lasaan, Northampton
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2017, 08:22 PM »
Julzz, as this is your first (and so far, only) post, it would help if you could tell us of your connection with Lasaan, if any ?
** Phil.

P.S.  I've just read the summaries on "Alltheviews" -- you couldn't create summaries as bad as these if you tried all night !

"If you feel hungry after visiting Northampton Guildhall, have a meal at this restaurant. Savor the Indian and Nepalese meals that combines many elements of culinary traditions. Saffron is a nice restaurant to try the tasty naan. Most visitors gladly point out that the staff is friendly. As most reviewers see it, the decoration of Saffron is good. TripAdvisor users marked this place with 3.50 stars so you can check it out."

"Once the promenade around the Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate & St Thomas of Canterbury is over, visit Lasaan. This restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine. The cooks here prepare the good chicken. Most guests mention that the rice is awful at Lasaan. According to the guests' opinions, the staff is very friendly. TripAdvisor users marked this place with 4.50 stars so you can check it out."
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