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Re: Spicier Curry Color
« Reply #10 on: June 23, 2019, 01:21 AM »
It's a simple dish to prepare Garp and it's usually puke yellow. ;)  Blanch some good quality sausages till nearly cooked right through, cut them up into roundels and add them to the curry sauce of your choice to finish cooking. It's that easy and remember that they are so much better the next day. Chipolata Tikka Masala, Madras Pork Sausage, Cumberland Vindaloo or  a Chicken Sausage Korma.   I guess you could even throw some spices into the pre-cook for that real BIR method,

As for the standard 1960's version (the puke I love, ;) Each to their own.) you can modify it more to your liking.  Leave the fruit and sugar out add whatever additional spice you'd like or simply use different curry powders,  I've tried it with many different brands and styles but keep coming back to Clive of India as that's the one my family expect now.  I get in trouble if I vary it.  Keen's Hot is good if you want a bit of warmth to it.  I tried it with "Mixed Powder" but wasn't overly impressed.

Mickyp, you're just that little bit older than me and I don't ever remember seeing the Terrible Ten. Had to google it to see what you were talking about.  Good old Australian TV content.  My favorite as a kid was from over your side.  The Beatles cartoons.
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