Author Topic: Suggestions for a Curry in London?  (Read 3562 times)

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Re: Suggestions for a Curry in London?
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When I used to live in Chislehurst (very close to Bromley) there was a good Indian restaurant at the North end of the town, but it is too long since I last visited Bromley to know if (a) it is still there, and (b) whether it is still any good.  I would be inclined to travel to Croydon (easily accessible from Bromley) and search there; it used to have a large number of Indian restaurants, including at least two Southern Indian (masala dosai, idli, bhel puri and so on).

** Phil.

You Saying "Croydon" reminded me of "The Bangladesh" on the London road South Croydon (just before Dees motors) wish i had a fiver for every meal i had in there in the late 70's its an estate agents now.


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